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Pete Tong Hearts "Stockholm Syndrome"—Watch Now


Watch: "Stockholm Syndrome"

"Stockholm Syndrome" is one of those headlines you see in your inbox that you kinda just have to click on—even if you don't know the person's name attached to it. It's a pretty timely attention grabbing grouping of words given the shit that went on in Cleveland and those three girls.

“Stockholm syndrome” was coined due to a bank robbery that happened in Stockholm, Sweden where employees were held hostage for like a week and ended up becoming attached to said robbers during the ordeal. Even shunning help and defending the perps to the officials post freedom.

"Stockholm Syndrome" is also the name of the new track by CLMD vs. Kish featuring Fröder that happened to get a big stamp of approval from Pete Tong recently when he made it his Essential New Tune on his I Heart Radio / Evolution show this week.

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Like what you hear above, pick it up now via Columbia/Up North Recordings by way of Beatport. We'd also suggest digging into the duos Soundcloud a bit. There's some free EDM downloads in there. CLMD (Carl Louis and Martin Danielle) have been up the rise and getting two thumbs up by Mr. Tong isn't a bad look at all.

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