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Review: "Crossing Wires 001" via My Favorite Robot Records—File Under Essential Techno


Review: "Crossing Wires 001" via My Favorite Robot Records—File Under Essential Techno

In conjunction with their “Crossing Wires” EP and full length compilation, My Favorite Robot are releasing a full length studio mix that’s indicative of the house, techno and nu disco sounds that make up the collection. The names of the Toronto trio are strong enough on their own (James Teej, Jared Simms and Voytek Koran), but the comp adds original tracks by the Revenge, Stefan Z, Inxec & Droog, Timo Maas, Tim Paris, Alan Fitzpatrick and more.

Running at just over an hour, the mix slow burns for about the first 20-minutes until it opens up with Jonny Cruz’s electric chords and sweeping bass on “Increase the Dose.” It’s full speed ahead for the rest of the mix, with Inxec & Droogs vocal track “They Wos” grabbing the dancefloor, Nitin and Clayton Steele’s interpretation of Fairmont’s “Libertine” grinding it out and Jordan Dare’s “Ice Fields” giving it a quick break. The highlight of the mix is the switch from HearTHUG’s “L.O.V.E. is Mysterious” to Saytek’s “Automatic Thought” (hitting a transition like this is why I’m a fucking DJ). Eric Volta and Forrest “To Exist on a Faint and Somber Light” close out the mix without losing any of the build. In its entirety, it’s a well planned and carefully executed eclectic mix geared to the educated EDM listener, and serves to be an excellent representation of both the artists and the label.

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The sampler, with tracks from James Teej, the Revenge, and Timo Maas is out today, with the full mix due for release June 10th via My Favorite Robot Records.

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