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Review: Piemont “Okinawa” EP via The Factoria—File Under Tropical, Humid and Funky


Review: Piemont “Okinawa” EP via The Factoria—File Under Tropical, Humid and Funky

Piemont, the production duo (Frederic Möring-Sack and Christian Jonquieres) hailing from Germany, travel back to the feudal lands of Japan for their new cut “Okinawa.” Their travel through space and time yielded them the discovery of Japanese Taiko, a rhythm too often overlooked in the EDM and music scene. On these recordings, Piedmont manages to maintain the organic fluidity by taking the eastern heartbeat and translating it through more western snares, kicks and hand claps.

“Okinawa” is thumping and tropical, almost what you would expect to be the primal beat that, according to Japanese mythology, lured the sun goddess Amaterasu out of her cave and brought light back to Earth. Next, Colonge's Gabriel Amanda brings us a cinematic, modernized version that compliments the original with its more synthesized approach. The drums take a four on the floor pattern and the bells and claps serve as the breaks on the almost 10-minute-long excursion.

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"Panic Room" steals from the percussive harmonies and melodies of traditional taiko, and combined with the modern instrumentation, it becomes erotic, fierce and haunting. The Sydney Charles remix is more minimal, stripped down, and techy, but if you're talking mythology you can't leave out the science fiction. One could call it the Zen mix.

You've got beautiful cherry blossoms on the cover art, all in all making it an EP worth picking up on vinyl if you can find it. Out now via Wally Lopez' Factoria imprint. Buy here.

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