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Some People Should Just Not Write About Electronic Music

Some People Should Just Not Write About Electronic Music

Elite Daily—self-proclaimed "voice of Generation-Y" (their words not mine)—recently came out with a Buzzfeedesque article "The 20 Reasons Why You Want To Be A DJ" that comes off as armature at best. While new to this "Gen-Y, for Gen-Y" blog, I must admit that much of their stuff does come off as somewhat humorous however this article comes off as trite and cheap.

With an introduction as compelling as my 9th grade C book report on "Romeo and Juliet," the article takes no time to cheapen the art that is online blogging. Someone actually got paid (well maybe) to come up with this riveting insight into the current electronic music scene:

"Electric Dance Music is making a lasting impact on the American community. It has grown steadily over the past few years. Now it has reached a following that rivals that of Europe and the rest of the world. Everybody wants to be a DJ now."

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Thanks for that Wikipedia-like introduction on the growing interest in electronic music in the United States. If it was not for you I would have never known that electronic music is getting more popular. It would have taken you about two minutes to at least add in a statistic or make an anecdote about ticket sales for electronic events but I guess it was not that important for you to do.

In the rest of the introduction he describes the perks of becoming a DJ and it becomes quite apparent that all he is doing is describing what it is like to be a rock star. It is nothing in 2013 to want to be famous and play tunes in the greatest venues around the world.

However, all of this can be forgiven due to the fact that obvious humor (or lack of) is what he was going for in this piece until it he writes this, "After witnessing the Ultra Music Festival live stream, it is official that being a DJ is the coolest job on earth." Really? You did not even go to an event? You based this entire article on you sitting at a computer and watching a webcast?

Next time you do an article like this follow Buzzfeed's lead and just post the pictures instead of coming off as so uninformed that even the average electronic music fan can tell. In case you are wondering what other types of articles “Generation Y” is into their website also has riveting pieces on “Will She Bang You?,” “Why Your #ThrowBackThursday Pictures Aren’t That Cute” and “Shopping Is The Best Kind Of Exercise.”

There is enough cheap literature out their about electronic music and we do not need you adding more. Check out the 20 reasons for yourself and send all your hate mail to me as you please.

You can read their article here.

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