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Watch: How Skrillex Ended The World In Mexico

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You might want to check this out guys; it’s the mini-film showcasing Skrillex’s Mothership Tour in Mexico from December 18th through the 22nd. Along with 12th Planet, Zedd and Nadastrom, Skrillex went down to Mexico to celebrate the end of the world as we know it. After watching it, I’m quite sure that if the world had crumbled into nothing on the night that it was supposed to, no one at the Mothership show would have noticed and the party would have kept going until there was nothing left to rage on. Who knows, they may have even continued if space allowed it; what I do know is that the quick film got me all hyped up for summer and shows to come, so do yourself a favor and put a little excitement in your day by peeping the official video below.

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