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Busy P Doesn't Want Ed Banger To Be A Part Of The "EDM Circus"

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Admired over the years for keeping it real, Busy P recently spoke to inthemix regarding the future of his Ed Banger label and the natural shift in its musical direction. Busy P, aka Pedro Winter, has been an important figure in dance music for well over 10 years and cares more about the music of tomorrow than the fads of today - which is exactly why the lately Ed Banger compilation isn't overly banging and aggressive. Ed Banger is now celebrating its 10 anniversary and has seen music change and grow each and every year until recent times where things have been getting very dry in the world of popular dance music. Pedro wants it to be clear that his label and crew have nothing to do with the EDM movement that is not only tainting the industry, but the actual venues in which people would normally discover new music.

This is why the compilation sounds less noisy and less banging,” he told inthemix. “We’ve been doing that since 2007 when Justice was at its peak of crazy, funky, noisy sound. Today there is a caricature of this banging sound – there are too many fake Justice and Boys Noize out there. It’s a natural evolution and we’ve all grown up a bit since Ed Banger started.

I don’t want Ed Banger to be a part of the EDM circus. I’m not a part of it. When I see Avicii and all those headliner DJs I can listen to their music once and know that I don’t want to be a part of it and this is where we mark our difference; we try not to be on the same festival and we want to do something different. I know that Justice could be doing all the headline festivals right next to Avicii and David Guetta but I don’t want that and I don’t think that is where we should be. I would rather do smaller gigs than play for 50,000 people with bad taste.

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Amen. Hopefully even more notable figures in dance music will start encouraging others to continue keeping it real, rather than getting stuck in the fake-DJ circuit known as EDM . Check out Busy P's mix for HARD Summer blow and catch him along with the Ed Banger family at the festival this summer.

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