EDM Advice - Magnetic Readers Share Their Best Festival Tips


EDM Advice - Magnetic Readers Share Their Best Festival Tips

We did a quick poll this morning on Facebook and got some great festival pointers from our amazing readers. So if you are hitting the festivals this summer, and we know you are, then take a look. Will Richards has some great advice for the dudes, the devil is in the details... especially when you are tromping around for 8 plus hours in sweaty masses. As the classic quote goes, "Protect yo' self, before you wreck yo' self!" Props to our great readers for the tips!!!

Melody Gambino - Wear deodorant! If you are someone who sweats a lot, bring an extra travel size stick with you. PLEASE.

Nick Hutcheson - If you bump into someone say "I'm sorry," don't be that guy who linebackers there way to the front. People remember politeness and it goes a long way

Suky Sand - Bring your own toilet paper and antibacterial wet wipes. Ladies, you never know if there will be running water. Also, don't bring unopened packs of gum, candy or cigarettes. Bring a small flashlight, blanket to sit on, light jacket and comfy shoes.
You'll get through lines faster if you don't bring a purse or backpack. Just adds to your time in line while they search you.

Melody Gambino - Wear close toed shoes or sneakers - flip flops are way too dangerous when walking through the dancing masses!

Katherine Bueche - Sunscreen is key, dry shampoo and leave in conditioner will SAVE your hair, bring snacks so you don't pay $10 a meal nonstop all day (best ones are beef jerky, dried mangos, trail mix, bars, etc) eat the closest thing to a real meal that you can in the morning, buy a six pack or case of Red Bull!

Will Richards - Freeze your water bottles before you leave. FREE ICE BABY

Sarah Foote Favouritizm - Never walk backwards on a high stage whilst filming... you might unexpectedly fall 6 ft and end up legs akimbo in a pit of electric wires like I did!

Will Richards - Oh ya goldbond for your balls. Keep them icey fresh and clean. Nothing worse than sweaty balls at Bonnaroo

Kate Phoenix Webster - Have something to contribute/share/say, don't be afraid to branch out and talk to people and don't be judgmental when they do the same

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