EDM Download - Austin Leeds - Fresco (Original Mix) - File Under House Music


EDM Download - Austin Leeds - Fresco (Original Mix) - Filer Under House Music

Our friends at Less Than 3 posted this insanely good track, check it out below...

I've lately found a lot of house tracks to be growing monotonous and repetitive, but When Miami native and veteran producer Austin Leeds hit me up with his new tune, Fresco, I had no choice but to give it my immediate stamp of approval.

Fresco is composed with the feel of a classic prog house track but sonically focuses on something much darker. Fat subs and a deep growling synth not only properly juxtapose with the drops beat driven lead but round it out to something truly fulfilling. With a bit of big-room sprinkled on top, Austin managed to give the track a great kinetic pace while maintaining the hypnotic and welcomed repetition you'd find in those beloved progressive styles.

Lucky for us we're able to offer the track FOR FREE (right click and "save as"). So snag it, send it to friends, play it at parties, and do whatever it is that you do with your music. Just obey EDM's golden rule and enjoy yourself to the max.

Get it here at LessThan3

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