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EDM Essentials: A Nightlife Survival Guide

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EDM Essentials: A Nightlife Survival Guide

As a serious consumer of EDM and a regular DJ, people often consider my late night gigs and marathon partying, especially during the work week, to be either a wild feat of endurance or a masochistic hobby. While I am flattered, I reassure those I encounter that my survival is a product of trial, error, and plain old discipline. Here are a few tricks to getting your EDM fix, without burning out.

RSVP & Buy Tickets Early: A lot of events give deals to those that purchase tickets or RSVP ahead of time. In addition, lines at venues are split between people who have tickets and those that are waiting to buy. It’s smooth sailing with a bar code printed and waiting in your back pocket to flash the door man.

Nap: If you know that your event doesn’t start until midnight, but you have to be up early for a presentation, take a nap before heading out. Even thirty minutes will do wonders for you in the morning.

Follow The DJs: There are very few venues who specialize in EDM, and those that due can often require a large cover fee. This is great for the the occasional big night to witness your favorite superstar DJ/producer, but there is amazing EDM to be heard every night of the week. Bars and lounges don’t make money on the best music, they make it on the most drinks and tickets sold. If you go out to a local lounge or bar and hear someone you like, get their name and join them on Facebook or join their mailing list. This will insure your ears are always satisfied.

Pre-Party: A bar with a headliner is likely to charge hefty sums of cash for basic food and drinks. Hitting your local bar beforehand will keep a few greenbacks in your wallet.

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Arrive Early: If you show up to the venue right before Bassnectar is set to perform, chances are you will be standing in line haggling with the door man while everyone else is getting sweaty. If you arrive early, and even better with a group, you are more likely to secure a spot. Promoters like to queue the line long to generate a buzz, but let people in when it reaches capacity. If you do show up later, try and bring girls. Two girls and one guy will always get in faster than a stag.

No Shorts & No Flip-Flops: Unless you are hitting up an EDM beach party in the summer, or a festival, I would avoid shorts and flip-flops while going out. Even on the hottest summer nights doormen will stick to their dress codes to weed out anyone they don’t want inside. Flip flops are also a great way to get stepped on, or worse, while dancing. If you are unsure about how formal the spot will be, check the venue’s website or wear something dark. Even a black T-shirt can look dressy with the right jeans.

Use Your Phone To Stay Current: Events are regularly overhyped, so if you show up to a dud use your phone to find a plan B before calling it a quits. Checking alternate events via social media and connecting with your nearby friends can often turn a weak outing into an adventure.

Drink Responsibly: Not only is it unhealthy and unsafe to overdo it, it is doesn’t improve your dancing and it is no fun waking up in the morning. In addition to hydrating, stop drinking at least an hour before you head home and stay away from anything too sugary; it just makes for nastier headaches at breakfast.

Hydrate: For those of you who will be out all night dancing and possibly drinking, hydrating is key. A good rule of thumb is to have a pint of water every hour, and a one before bed. In the morning more water is good, but a bottle of Pedialyte works wonders; plus is comes in some fun flavors.

Eat Something: It’s best not to party on an empty stomach, but don’t hit the dancefloor with 4 slices of pepperoni in your belly; it won’t be pretty. At the end of the night there is nothing like a slice of cheese pizza or a street taco to refill your gas tank, but don’t over due it. You don’t need a full meal, just a snack to hold you over til breakfast.

Moisturize: After a long night of partying, there is nothing more telling than a set of dark bags under your eyes to tip off your boss or professor as to your nocturnal activities. Invest in portable tube of eye cream. I am a fan of Kiehl’s “Eye Alert”, which is includes cucumber extract, avocado and caffeine. It never leaves my side.

I hope this helps. Just remember, it’s a jungle out there!

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