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EDM Gear: Platinum Notes 4 Update, Make Your MP3's Sound Better

EDM Gear: Platinum Notes 4 Update, Make Your MP3's Sound Better

Don’t have enough time to normalize your DJ mix? From the makers of Mixed In Key, Platinum Notes 4 is your personal audio engineer that uses studio quality filters to correct volume, pitch, and distortion for your music library in a single click. We sat down with Yakov Vorobyev, the creator of PN4 to get some answers about the most recent update.

How does PN4 improve the DJ workflow?

In my experience, DJs get their music from all kinds of different sources. For example, I get my music from SoundCloud promos, Beatport, Traxsource, Amazon and many other sites. None of the MP3s I get sound the same because some files are too loud, some are too quiet and many have clipped peaks. When we bought 500 tracks from Beatport, we detected almost 2 million clipped peaks in them. We wanted MP3s and WAVs from different music labels to sound perfect together, and Platinum Notes can achieve that with just one click.

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What's new and exciting about this recent update?

I live in Miami, and I've traveled to Ibiza. I love the vibe of those places. To recreate some of that vibe, we've added a new "Warmth" filter to our newest version of Platinum Notes. It has three different settings: No warmth, Gentle Warmth and Hot Vacuum Tube. You can regulate how much to use this effect on your music. Personally, I use Gentle Warmth because it's perfect for my music. It makes it sound more like vinyl being played pool-side in Ibiza, and I love that sound.

Does this work well with mp3’s? Which format is the most ideal input?

Platinum Notes works with all types of music files. Our favorite thing to do is get music in WAV format, run it through Platinum Notes and get perfect quality audio files as output. When you use high-quality AIFF, WAV or other Lossless files as input, Platinum Notes has more room to improve the acoustics because the input file has more detail.

Is there an amazing feature that is often overlooked?

My favorite new feature for Platinum Notes was added just one month ago. The new user interface shows you processing results all in one window, so you can quickly see how many clipped peaks were fixed, and how much the volume was changed during processing. The previous version made you click on each file to see the processing results, so you never had a good overview of what's been changed. The new version shows you information for all your music at once. It's awesome.

What's currently being developed by your team that you can tell us about?

We're about to release a new ID3 tag editor called "MetaBliss" that works alongside Mixed In Key and Platinum Notes. It's like Excel for ID3 tags and can help you clean up all your playlists super-quickly. It will launch very soon:

Are you a Platinum Notes user? Tell us about your experience below.

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