EDM Interview- Apollonia On Their Fabric 70 Mix, New EP, And Post-DJ Set Purification


EDM Interview- Apollonia On Their Fabric 70 Mix, New EP, And Post-DJ Set Purification

Hot off the heels of their Fabric 70 studio mix, and prepping for the release of their EP in July, Apollonia (a Prince influenced, Parisian DJ trio composed of Dan Ghenacia, Dyed Soundorom and Shonky) took some time to talk about the mix, their recording process, and how they split the duties behind the decks. They also put to rest the question everyone is asking- Who is the hottest out of all of the artist-formally-known-as-a-symbol women?

How did the Fabric Mix come about?

We were in the middle of studio sessions in Berlin working on the debut Apollonia EP when fabric contacted us. Actually it was perfect because it’s very rare we would all be in the studio together like this. From then on it was 6 weeks lock down putting together the compilation. Of course we were very honoured to be part of a project like this.

How did you select the songs you played the mix?

First rule- all three of had to love the track for it to make the cut. We each proposed 20 tracks to the others and we made the selection from there. There were some easy choices like Funk E –“Masa de Fatza” and Dewalta feat. Frieder Klaris “Fromsidetoside”, then we asked to The Mole for some exclusive tracks. We were already in the studio working on the debut Apollonia EP it made perfect sense to include brand new material from ourselves.

What equipment did you use for the mix? And when you play live?

Vinyl, CDs, no FX or loops nice and simple! When we play live where possible we love to play vinyl. . . between us we have a massive collection.

How do you split the DJ set up when you have three members?

The concept is back to back to back, one record each. We aim to sound like one artist, not three individuals; it’s all about creating the perfect flow and synergy between us. The only problem comes when we are so tune with each other, two guys wanna play the same next track!

What’s next for Apollonia?

Of course we have the fabric compilation out this month, followed by our debut EP together in July. We are also working on an LP due for release next year. In the coming months on the label also look out for a repress of Callisto’s “Need Ur Love” . . . classic, classic track.

Who's the hottest- Vanity, Apollonia, Shelia E, or Diamond & Pearl?

Definitely Apollonia!!! Even if Sheila is an amazing drummer!

Have you ever purified yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka?

Actually no but we must say we love the luxury spas of Ibiza after a long weekend.

For those of you who haven’t felt the chill of a Minnesota lake, I’d say that an Ibiza luxury spa is a much better option . . .

Apollonia’s Fabric 70 mix is out June 17 via Fabric Records. Look for their EP this July, as well as a performance at the Wavefront Music Festival in Chicago.

Here's the tracklist:

01 El Prevost feat. D.Ham - Allez Ally [Third Ear]

02 Trus'me - Nards (Ryan Elliott Remix) [Prime Numbers]

03 Apollonia - Trinidad [Apollonia]

04 The Mole - Bleep Blop Robot [Maybe Tomorrow]

05 Nail - I've Been There [DiY]

06 Daze Maxim - Farbfilm (Dyed Soundorom Remix) [Apollonia]

07 Funk E - Masa de Fatza [Kurbits]

08 Eduardo De La Calle - The Guy From Hackney [Appian Sounds]

09 Mood II Swing feat. John Ciafone - Ohh [Strictly Rhythm]

10 DeWalta & Frieder Klaris - Fromsidetoside [Vakant]

11 Mazi - Scene Shifter [Gourmet]

12 Môme - Control (Tevo Howard Remix) [Fragil Musique]

13 Apollonia - Visa Americain [Apollonia]

14 Philipp Boston - Night Chime [BTAIM]

15 Masomenos / Ark / Cabanne - Bronze Septembre [WTM]

16 Grimes Adhesif - Fearless Fun [Curle / N.E.W.S.]

17 Callisto - Need Ur Love (Stalactite Mix) [Guidance]

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