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EDM Interview: SAY MY NAME Invents Trapstyle?

EDM Interview: SAY MY NAME Invents Trapstyle?

LA based producer, Dayvid Sherman aka SAY MY NAME has been rising up the ladder for a couple of months now. His infamous show tune remixes of the Rugrats and Barney theme song have caught the attention of thousands across the globe. Last week, he won the EDC Discovery Project, a top honor for any upcoming producer. His sound can be best described as, "trapstyle- trap and hard style's baby". He is influenced by the likes of Headhunterz, Tyler the Creator, Noisecontrollerz and bacon (no bacon isn't a DJ, I'm talking about the stuff you pan-sizzle with). With Q-dance soon to become a more prominent event in the United States, SAY MY NAME is a frontrunner for emerging hard style producers across the country. I had the opportunity to catch up with him leading up to his set at EDC this Sunday.

Your approach to trap combines hardstyle beats. What made you choose to go that route? Who are some of you're favorite Hardstyle producers that you would like to collaborate with?

I love hardstyle; out of all the genres I am into I’d probably say that I listen to Hardstyle the most on my free time. I wanted to incorporate the sound with trap because I love the high energy in Hardstyle tracks and the heavy bass in trap. I think in the EDM scene out here there are crossovers between Hardstyle, house and trap that are becoming more prominent. I just heard a Hardstyle song today with a HUGE trap breakdown that surprised me right before the drop. My favorite Hardstyle artist are Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, Atmozfears, and Dj Isaac.

You're a big lover of Bacon. What's the story behind that? Have/ Are you created you're own sizzling Bacon sound...sizzling bacon drumroll perhaps?

Bacon is my friend, she has never done me wrong and she is always there in the studio with me. Really though I was making PewPewPew and the only word that I could describe the sound was BACON! Ever since then it has just been associated with my music on the Internet and I love it!

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What are you're biggest pet peeves when you're on stage

Some of my pet peeves include people trying to touch the equipment while I am live(unless they’re a dj trying to set up that is fine)

Could you identify three emerging artists that you are currently listening to?

AU5 is absolutely destroying it in the game and producing nothing but unique fire! Pegboard Nerds as well, and Night Crime have been producing fire lately.

You've been putting out a lot of remixes of 90s show tunes that have been gaining a lot of support. What is your next remix going to be? Have you played them out in a live set yet? How have the crowd's responded to it?

I did not know these remixes would get so much support. It is really cool because I am having fun producing these tunes and getting great feedback. I am not sure what my next one will be, but I have been getting great suggestions by my fans! I have not yet, but I will be putting together unreleased ones to surprise the crowds in my upcoming shows.

Any production secrets tips you like to share?

Try to find your own unique sound and perfect it. Oh yeah always eat bacon and compress your tunes.

Also check out his exclusive Pre-EDC mix to get a glimpse of this burgeoning talent.

SAYMYNAME's HARDER THAN BACON[Hardstyle Trap Minimix] by Saymyname on Mixcloud

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