EDM News - Amazing Techno Compilation From The Legendary Cocoon


EDM News - Amazing Techno Compilation From The Legendary Cocoon

Coming out June 17th.

It’s summer time, which means it’s Cocoon letter compilation time, and in 2013 the long running series hits the letter M. The color this time out is pink, dreamy and pretty just like the sounds that open up the compilation the Frankfurt label lovingly oversees each year. As ever, the 12 track selection – available as a CD and vinyl pack – touches on names both close to the Cocoon family and those lesser know associates, and together they cover plenty of techno ground; much of it that will likely form the soundtrack to Cocoon boss Sven’s parties out in Ibiza at Amnesia once again this summer. 

Dutch based Sushitech producer Makam presents a dreamy opening track that is without any doubt the perfect start for this compilation. Warm harmonies open up the door for track number two by Leftroom boss Matt Tolfrey and partner in crime Inxec. From there the percussive ante is upped by Alejandro Mosso from Argentina. With a slight Cadenza-feeling his ‘Grinding Love’ tune is made for the beach-party and perfect for any Âme fans out there with its deep and epic groove. 

A new name to the fold is the recently broken through talent that is wAFF who has made some melodic techno delights for Hot Creations before now but here goes a bit darker and more intense with his galloping percussive loops, rattling techno chords and rampant kick drums on BeatMakerZ. 

After all this sweaty build it's time to breathe deeper again and start the 2nd half of the compilation with Temma Teje's ‘Nueva’. Epic strings in a nice Chymera style meet straightforward 909 programming and gradually intensify towards a main room peak once more. From there, Soma’s Gary Beck heads off an industrial tinged techno tip with his zithering synths and squelchy hooks and Ray Kajioka then strips things back to some mysterious minimal beats, late night trippy chords and imbues his contribution with plenty of poise and tension. 

As is always the way with Cocoon standouts are everywhere, but the old school Tetris style melodies that rain down the face of Mind Against’s ‘Argo’ sure do make a good shout for track of the compilation. Its’ left to Tuff City Kids and the jagged, electro licked loops of ‘Meshnerize’ and Julien Bracht’s smooth, drummy licks on ‘Anthem Rhythm’ to close out the mix in emotionally absorbing manner that really makes you feel like you have been on a proper trip. 

Cocoon has always been one step ahead of the techno masses and this compilation proves it once again. 


CD / (LP)
1. (A) Makam – Samsara
2. (B) Inxec & Matt Tolfrey – Never In Doubt
3. (C) Alejandro Mosso – Grinding Love
4. (D) Douglas Greed – Dynamit (feat. Kuss)
5. (E) wAFF – BeatMakerZ
6. (F) Temma Teje – Nueva
7. (G) Kyle Geiger – The Comedown
8. (H) Gary Beck – Stranger
9. (I) Ray Kajioka – Never Ending
10. (J) Mind Against – Argo
11. (K) Tuff City Kids – Meshnerize
12. (L) Julien Bracht – Anthem Rhythm

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