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EDM News: Crossfadr’s In-Depth Look At Ghost Producing. Big Names Revealed

EDM News: Crossfadr’s In-Depth Look at Ghost Producing. Big Names Revealed

One of the most read articles on Magnetic has been Alex Vicker’s look at what’s referred to as ghost producing and how it’s intertwined anonymously with some of EDM's biggest names. Crossfadr took the investigation a few steps further, and has associated ghost producing studios with specific artists.

Rebelution Studios is just one of those – and, according to its Facebook updates, does it very successfully. While its presence is but a whisper on the internet (28 Facebook “likes” as of April 7, 2013), its status updates paint a different picture: “3 tracks in the beatport top 100!” (October 18, 2012), “we are proud to welcome a BIG NAME DJ as our new customer” (May 24), “even Grammy nominated DJs/Artists (Best Remix) have ghost producers….” (April 10), “Yeah! Our production hits the US dance chart” (March 27).

Who could be behind these tracks? Rebelution’s producers, who seem to get targeted on Soundcloud, likely have to keep quiet, but the company’s “likes” include Afrojack, Axwell, and Hardwell.

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Aside from an almost admission from Benny Benassi, the article is not able to confirm any DJs that are now world famous because of ghost production, but the implication is there. Unfortunately with this practice DJ’ing can be a way to fame for the narcissist just as quickly, and maybe easier than, reality TV.

Read the complete article on Crossfadr here.

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