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EDM News - Destroid - If Daft Punk Had A Love Child With GWAR, This Is What It Would Look Like

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EDM News - Destroid - If Daft Punk Got Had A Love Child With GWAR, This Is What It Would Look Like

Ok, so this is so completely nerdy that it just might be cool, at least to all the kids that go to Comicon? It's almost like something you would see at a show in Vegas or in the courtyard at Universal Studios… A hostile Robot/Alien rock band that plays, errr electronic music??? Just the whole concept of an alien drummer is kind corny, but they totally kick ass… So huge props for letting the nerd flag fly, it's a visual feast and something truly unique. EDM Culture is supposed to push the boundaries!

But yeah, it still looks like Daft Punk got raped by GWAR...

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This past weekend DESTROID — the new mega collaboration led by Canadian bass master Excision featuring fellow Canadian bass artist Downlink and drummer KJ Sawka from platinum-selling electronic rock band Pendulum—made their debut live performance in San Francisco, CA, where they revealed their highly technological and boundary-pushing live show and costumes in full. Excision and Downlink performed with custom-crafted, MIDI-controlled “guitars,” while KJ Sawka banged away on a fully custom digital drum kit.

DESTROID recently put up this gnarly video of their debut performance.

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