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EDM News: Laidback Luke Responds To Melbourne Criticism

EDM News: Laidback Luke Responds to Melbourne Criticism

There will always be a time when an artist will have to come across the crossroads of deciding the future of his artistic identity. Should one stay the same and preserve his image or change it up completely to evoke new sounds to their own tempo. For Laidback Luke, this is an easy an obvious choice and he's not about to let the critics, even if they come from his fan base tell him what road to take. Laidback Luke carefully explains why many fail to see the big picture when they arrogantly claim the artist is loosing his touch.

"I could only become better as time passes, that's how life works! I see a bigger picture, I've always done so in spite of my old followers getting upset with me. I can't get stuck in the past doing my same sound over and over. That seems very boring to me, it would limit, and kill me, artistically."

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Although people have to right to reserve their opinion, don't be quick to judge the producer who has worked on 3,000 tracks with 20 years of experience. If anything, it makes you sound like the self-entitled brat who demands his act to play what he wants, when he wants. Sorry, the world doesn't work that way.

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