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Magnetic TV Presents: "The Booth" With Holy Ghost! Part 2/2

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Welcome to "The Booth," a new series where we get up close and personal with some of EDM Culture's best DJs and producers. Set in, you guessed it, a booth... our hosts ask the questions you want the answers to and a couple boring ones too, just roll with it... So grab a beer, or a soda if you are not legal, and hang out with us... Please note many of these will have two parts, because it was just too good to cut down.

This episode Lisa Strauss catches up with Holy Ghost! right before they hit the decks at Dim Mak Studios. Some funny shit for sure, especially the Daft Punk bit... Here is part 2.

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Magnetic would like to thank: Kim at Kitchen 24, Deckstar, Holy Ghost!, Zack Patino and Matthew Parchen (video crew), Natalia Velez (Stylist) and Lisa Strauss our fantastic host.
Huge thanks to everyone.

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