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EDM Editorial: Do You Hate The Term EDM?

EDM Editorial: Do You Hate The Term EDM?

Here at Magnetic, we cover electronic dance music, or what many refer to as EDM. First coined in the mid 90s, it’s become a general term used to describe percussive music produced electronically that people dance to. Just like pop, rap, and rock, the term is fairly broad.

House, techno, dubstep, electro, trance, jungle, drum & bass, glitch hop, hip-hop, pop, etc, all fall in this category. Underneath the EDM headline we’ll always designate, as much as possible, the more specific genre, and even sub-genre- tech house, deep house, minimal techno, etc.

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Respect goes out to those artists that have paved the way and to the modern artists that are preserving the roots. You will do your thing regardless of the hype, regardless of the dollars, regardless of the press.

It is easy to understand where the all the artists, managers, and publicists are coming from when they kick the EDM headline back and say “change the headline, we are not EDM!” They don’t want an underground culture, for which they have invested their lives, associated with modern EDM’s connotations of corporate sponsorship, questionable talent, and a bubble that could very well burst.

For those who cringe at the term, look at one possible positive associated with this crossover of electronic dance music into mainstream culture: How many attendees at EDC this year were there to see Avicii, but came across Booka Shade, Claude VonStroke, Damian Lazarus, Green Velvet, or Jamie Jones? Furthermore, how many of those artists where there (and got paid!) because Insomniac, with the help of Live Nation money, could take a few more chances with the line-up? Lastly, who bought tickets to the sold out three day show? Fans of EDM.

By all means, question corporate sponsorship and capitalist incentives! But as artists and fans of music, no matter what the genre or sub-genre, see this as an exciting time: an experience we can presently share and remember after the next big thing takes the investment dollars elsewhere. For those of you that are true, you’ll still be right here, on the decks, in the record shops, at the shows, laughing and reminiscing about the first time someone referred to your work as EDM.

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