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EDM Event Recap: Control at Avalon Hollywood- Trolley Snatcha X Calvertron X Gent & Jawns

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Alright crew, this past weekend was a pretty exceptional one for  our L.A. EDM community, and although there was a multitude of good stuff out there to experience, I’m going to do a quick focus on Control at Avalon, Hollywood this past Friday night.   The Regulators, Gent & Jawns, Trolley Snatcha and Calvertron all came out swinging with their infinite skills on how to shake a place.

EDM Event Recap: Control at Avalon Hollywood- Trolley Snatcha X Calvertron X Gent & Jawns

I was particularly pleased with the crowd, mostly because it was apparent that many knew what they were in for. I think because there are so very many subgenres of EDM, and because there are so many people out there who follow what is hot and trendy, less and less actually know the differences between say dubstep, electro and/or drum and bass. That’s not to say that I think everyone should be grabbing their flashcards and quizzing each other for the final exam, I’m just saying that I believe a lot of people look for the names they see and hear repeatedly on every social media platform.

There is nothing wrong with that, but Christ was I happy to see a crowd as ready as Control’s was Friday night for the epic list of bass they had at the ready.     So there were a lot of guys out there on the floor, and just as I was about to hereby christen the night a royal sausage-fest, we started to see the girls peppering the crowd like well-placed beer nuts. And like I was saying before, everyone seemed to be on the same page, which meant that everyone was acting like animals.

Yes I really mean that; we bee-lined it for the front as soon as we entered the building and there we found several couples in what appeared to be various levels of standing missionary. It danced on the side of the awkward in my opinion, but hey, no one ever said that dry humping in the vertical was against the rules, so I say let freedom ring on that one.

You couldn’t really blame them, though, what with the likes of “earthquake bass” duo Regulators, Gent & Jawns and UK bass masters Trolley Snatcha and Calvertron, somebody’s backside was bound to hit the ceiling. The air got hot and muggy real quick as track after track of loud, bass, electro, trap-goodness hit the crowd, and all the girls who didn’t have the foresight to wear waterproof makeup started saying “fuck it” and rocked the hot mess look all night.

Everyone was a hot mess at some point that night, especially when Gent and Jawns dropped their remix of Diplo’s “Express Yourself,”

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Trolley Snatcha dropped Cookie Monsta and Flux Pavillion’s "Come Find Me"

and Calvertron dropped "50K”

In other words, or rather in a word: K.O. A multitude of people came out to rock the inner animal, and we got a whole lot of bass for the entire night. Game. Set. Match. Make sure you do something awesome this weekend guys, and until then, carry on…

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