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EDM Event Review: Ummet Ozcan Takes Us Into "The Cube" In San Francisco

EDM Event Review: Ummet Ozcan Takes Us Into "The Cube" In San Francisco

Magnetic visited San Francisco to watch DJ and Producer Ummet Ozcan do some serious structural damage at Ruby Skye while breaking down the sound barrier and quite literally, melting faces. While arriving at the scene, we were invited to meet up with Ummet and hang out in Ruby's 'Red Room' for a quick meet and greet, photo shoot and even a swig of Grey Goose before Ummet was called to the stage.

All was well that 4th of July as we also got to chance to preview an energetic set prior to Ummet's appearance by DJ Whitlock , aka Matthew Whitlock, who also happens to be the TORQ Events Manager. In addition to playing a great opening set, he also was a welcoming host, making sure we felt right at home.

It didn't take long for Ummet to get setup and started. Beginning with high-energy, Ummet Ozcan showed everyone what a great performer he really is. Giving the crowd a lot of attention, he would take moments to interact and chant up a storm while giving us attention as well. Check out this awesome moment when Ummet Ozcan jedi mind controls the spotlight onto Trance Family SF:

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The crowd was definitely feeling his energy. Ummet teased the crowd when he played the Tiesto's mix of Delirium "Silence" only to switch it back to a full on progressive electro mix that followed with some of his high energy tracks like "The Box," "Airport," and "The Code."

If you haven't caught Ummet Ozcan before, It's worth adding it to your DJ list of DJ's to see. And if your in the Bay Area, be sure to be on the lookout for DJ Whitlock.

Check out the full event photo coverage by Daniel Wesley Boot of SMT Photography here.

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