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EDM Interview: Magnetic Chats Backstage Of Avalon With Infected Mushroom

EDM Interview: Magnetic Chats Backstage Of Avalon With Infected Mushroom

Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope you made your weekends vast and epic as you should. I just wanted to touch base with everyone, catch up, and recap some time I spent last weekend with Infected Mushroom. The Israel-bred, LA based duo is made up of Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani, and Erez Eisen. They started collaborating in 1997 in Kiryat Yam, Haifa District, Israel.

In addition to twice being voted into the top 10 for DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ’s, they have also left footprints in both dance and rock genres, having worked with Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction and Jonathan Davis from Korn.

The two have released such hit albums as 2009’s Legend of the Black Shwarma, which peaked at #9 on Billboard’s Top Electronic Albums chart, scored such dance hits as “Killing Time” and “Smashing the Opponent,” and to top it all off, they average about 120 live performances a year. Boom goes the dynamite.

Now these live performances brought about a revolutionary live show, which I’m sure you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever been to one of their gigs. The set is a 3D landscape designed by Vita Motus Design Studio and V Squared Labs; it is truly one of a kind, and they brought it to the Avalon this past Saturday, July 7th to have a little playtime with the L.A. fans. I had the good fortune to steal a quick conversation with them before they hit the stage.

So what did you guys do before you got here?

Amit: We just landed from Italy at 1 pm, I went to spend some time with my family, and then I slept for two hours, and now I’m here.

Erez: Yes I pretty much did the same.

Are you guys very tired right now?

Amit: No actually I’m refreshed, I’m ready to go.

So your new EP, Friends on Mushrooms Vol. 2 officially out soon, is there any specific song that you’re excited about, or do you have a favorite as of now?

Amit: Well first of all I’m excited that there is a release coming, it’s a new kind of platform coming out. I’m happy with the two collaborations in it, one with Savant, its my favorite track. And then there’s the collaboration with the Pegboard Nerds, I’m really in love with that track. Basically I like the entire EP because I’m….well I’m a fan, so I hope people will like it.

Awesome. Alright well I want to know, between your 3D setup and your live setup, do you prefer one or the other?

Amit: I think that its not about preferring, because both of them are different; the 3D set is more visual, and a more diverse kind of show because we down-tempo the beat and stuff like that. As for our live show its just more aggressive, more guitars, more drums; we like both. The 3D set is more new to us, so it’s a bit more exciting, but I think we like both. Yesterday we did a DJ set in Italy, and it was great. We like just being in front of the crowd, it doesn’t matter how it is, you know?

How did you come up with the specific setup for the 3D experience?

Amit: Well me and Erez came up with the idea of doing spheres and not cubes, and then we took it to professionals. Heather, from Vita Motus, she built the structure, then V Squared did the animation, and we added the music to it, but we came up with the idea, and then gave it to professionals to do it, and we’re really happy with the results.

Nice, nice. Now, for your current tour, is there a specific place that you’re looking forward to going to or maybe revisit?

Amit: Listen we tour all year round, we love to touring; I’m excited to go back to Japan soon, we’re also doing a Moscow run with the spheres, which I’m excited about. Tomorrowland in Europe, which is a huge one, Global Gathering; there’s so many festivals going on this year, so when it’s a good show, it’s a good show so we’re excited about all of them.

Alright now from all of your travels, do you have a funny story or a specific situation that took place, maybe something that stood out among your whole year touring?

Amit: Well we did a big show in Philly presenting this show, and the projector didn’t work. So imagine a sold out show, and it didn’t work.

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Erez: No visuals at all, we almost died.

Amit: I almost killed myself; everybody came, it was our biggest show in Philly and everybody came to see this new setup, and it didn’t work.

Erez: But, I have to say that the crowd was the best crowd on the planet.

Amit: Really, because we went on and did the show without the visuals.”

Erez: They were the best crowd you could ever ask for.

Amit: They were amazing

That is amazing. Thank you guys for sitting and having a talk with me

Amit: No its our pleasure, thank you so much.

And there you have it, after that Amit and Erez went out onstage and morphed into Psychedelic Trance powerhouse Infected Mushroom. The show was beyond impressive, and I’m pretty sure the crowd forgot where exactly they were after it was all over. Check out some footage from the show below, and then go and check out a sample track from Friends On Mushrooms, Vol. 2 on the SoundCloud below.

Infected Mushroom - Now Is Gold (feat. Kelsey Karter)

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