EDM Interview: NYC's Tyler Sherritt Talks Tiesto, Production, And Rough Times In EDM Culture

Saturdays tend to be the night where the most of us go out to discover and enjoy the world around us. Only that for rest of us, Saturdays are filled with 100 times more high energy than the norm, revolve around DJs and performances while blasting jet like audible decibels to a mass of music lovers who share the very occasional get down on the dance floor vibe. At least that's how past Saturday felt like when Magnetic met up with the latest rising singer, songwriter, producer and artist DJ Tyler Sherritt.

EDM Interview: NYC's Tyler Sherrit Talks Tiesto, Production, And Rough Times In EDM Culture

Debuting for his first West Coast performance in San Francisco, Tyler welcomed Magnetic backstage interview to discuss in further detail his rise through an industry that is as challenging as it is exciting to be a part of...

Welcome to SF! How has your tour out West been so far?

Tyler: It's been awesome out here! Although I'm originally from Alaska, I'm still a West Coast native. I've played in San Diego a lot and then Los Angeles. But excited to be in San Francisco for tonight. To come out to Ruby Skye is something I've always wanted and admired because of all the talent that comes through here.

What first got you into EDM Culture? When did it all first click.

Tyler: The intensity of it! I love it! What really influenced me to become the EDM artist I am today was the Tiesto type of show when it was all euphoric and emotional but still dirty. I really aim for all my shows to be intense. But I know that my sound throughout my career will change as the scene changes.

Tyler: To go back to the beginning, I was really a singer/songwriter first. I didn't get dance music at first. After going to my first show at Coachella, I just felt that this was something I wanted to explore. So I went back home, researched the shit out of it and realize how complex and hard it can be to produce. It's just as difficult to produce as any other type of music out there.

When did you first start working with Guatemalan Producer Carl Nuñez?

Tyler: met him through other DJ's who I was doing work with in the past, turned out I really like his production. I invited him to come to New York spent a few night producing and that where our track survive came out of. It became number one on iTunes in Guatemala, which was really random, but awesome at the same time. He's very talented. A lot of people ask me why I collaborate a lot instead own working on my own, which isn't the case now, but I enjoy working with others and bouncing off each other in the studio. I'm not going to say it's just my track.

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Where are you currently as an EDM artist?

Tyler: As of lately, I am really focusing on my own work right now. I have a new track coming out called "Petrichord," coming out on Garuda that I am going to open with tonight. I also have 2-3 more tracks that are going to be released in the following months, but I can't say much more on that.

Tell us about your production history. How long have you been producing and performing?

Tyler: I been producing for about 6-7 years working on Pro Tools, FL and logic but I really like using FL Studio. It's much easier to use. I never really got into Ableton because i'm not a fan of the interface. But FL is great because of the speedy interface. Once you now the tricks, it doesn't really matter.

What about tough times?

Well there been so many times where shit just happens at shows, you know? Like equipment failure and the random girl that spills a drink on the turntables. I can laugh about it know, it happens but at the time…

Any last comments before you go on stage?

Tyler: I always like to end by just telling people, just go out and enjoy the genres and the music. I mean, we're al here to have fun and enjoy the music. There is a lot of pessimism around the industry (this genre is this and that), Just stop. A year from now were going to look back and see how the music has changed and think about how much it's still going to blow our minds thinking about how great it anyways...

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