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EDM News: EDC Founder Pasqualle Rotella Cleared Of Civil Suit; Criminal Case Still Pending


EDM News: EDC Founder Pasqualle Rotella Cleared Of Civil Suit; Criminal Case Still Pending

Mixjunkies just got the inside scoop regarding EDC/Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella and the pending litigation surrounding business dealings with the Los Angeles Coliseum, which used to host Electric Daisy Carnival. It looks like the civil suit brought by the Los Angeles Coliseum Commision has been tossed out by the presiding judge, however the criminal charges are still pending.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Terry A. Green has thrown out the civil charges against Pasquale, making him a free man. The judge ruled that the complaint didn’t adequately plead the claims against the men or their businesses. But the L.A. Coliseum Commission, the public body that runs the LA Coliseum, have until July 31 to amend the charges. In a statement released by Coliseum General Manager John Sandbrook, “There is no comment until discussion with the Coliseum Commission next Wednesday.”

According to Mixjunkies good friend and laywer Adam Gilbert, Pasquale is not completely free yet. Adam Gilbert is an attorney over at Gilbert & Bourke, LLP in Palm Springs, CA. From what he tells us, “For the outstanding allegations there were two separate cases. One is a civil case for monetary or money damages, and there is a separate criminal claim filed by the district attorney. The suit that was thrown out is in respect to the civil side brought forth by The L.A. Coliseum Commission. However, this decision has no bearing on the criminal charges for which a separate case is still moving forward. In addition, the claim can still be amended so Mr. Rotella is not officially out of hot water on either case yet.” Pasquale Rotella can still face jail time for the criminal charges that are against him.

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