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EDM News: Erick Morillo Mounts Sobering Comeback; Talks With South West Four

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World famous EDM DJ Erick Morillo sat down and spoke with South West Four recently about his recent troubles on stage (and making it to shows) and his recent hiatus:

EDM News: Erick Morillo Mounts Sobering Comeback; Talks With South West Four

I’m getting rest, eating well and I’m out in Malibu, California enjoying the weather. I’m very happy. What happened was a mixture of things, to be honest with you. I went through the finality of a divorce. It was completely overwhelming. I lost a lot of weight and I was not feeling well. I was feeling ill, feeling sick and I just sort of lost my luster, if you will. I was in a really dark place emotionally and health wise and it just all took its toll. Not to mention the partying which I need to get out of my life. That’s another area which I’m working on. I lost control for a little while. I just needed to get back to me and just needed to get out of that. But I’ve gotta tell you, I’ve come on leaps and bounds even though it’s only been a few weeks.

It’s funny because I work so hard. I can’t remember the last time I had two weeks off. Sometimes you just gotta shut it down and get time for yourself. Speaking for myself because I’m a workaholic I never take time off for myself. If I’m getting on a plane, I’m travelling somewhere. I’m djing on a Friday or Saturday night, getting back on the plane, then when I get home I’m in the studio. If I’m not in the studio I’m going out. And I needed to deal with some emotional stuff as well with my ex-wife. That was a really tough thing too. You know when you’re talking about divorce you’re talking about it. When you sign the paper and it’s final, it’s just like woah! you know? Well it was tough for me anyway.

I have a very addictive personality and I can’t go half way. I’m two speeds; I’m off or I’m fully on. So I realize now that my answer is to be sober. The partying, that whole thing, it’s a thing of the past now. I am taking care of myself; mind, body and soul. I’m talking to a psychologist and getting everything ready. But I’m telling you, I’m feeling, I’d say about 50-60% and over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to stay out here and look forward to getting back to 100% and coming back stronger, bigger, better. I mean the music that I’ve got coming out in conjunction with me coming back; people better get ready ‘cause I’m coming hard!

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