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EDM News: FCL Releases Video For "It's You"; File Under A $45 House Music MP3 That's Worth Every Penny

EDM News: FCL Releases Video For "It's You"; File Under A $45 House Music MP3 That's Worth Every Penny

If you've been wondering what that stripped down vocal house track is everyone has been going nuts for this year, this is it. Turns out there's quite a back story on this one, and it's one that's gonna be talked about for years.

When was the last time you paid $45 for an mp3? If you were a DJ on this before everyone else and dropped it at packed club, we bet it was worth every penny.

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Here's what Thump digged up:

Here's a crash course on "It's You"—the house track that has kicked up more of a kerfuffle than any other in recent history:

A long, long time ago (okay, 1986), a Chicago house duo named ESP recorded the original "It's You," which quietly slipped away until Laurent Garnier dug it up and included it in one of his mixes. That mix was heard by the Belgian outfit FCL, who stripped down "It's You" to its bare bones and released it as their "Panorama Bar Acca Version." That version exploded into a massive underground hit. But since FCL decided to press just 150 vinyl copies of the single, people started doing crazy things like selling vinyl rips for thirty euros each.

Fast forward a couple months to January 2013, and of course FCL ended up releasing the track as a digital download on the Defected imprint. And of course everyone started kicking up a fuss about them "selling out." And of course FCL rebutted those accusations, saying they were just sick of hearing other DJs play shitty YouTube rips of their song. Whatever. The point is, "It's You" is poised to become something much bigger than an underground fetish, and now, the powerfully a capella tune has a proper music video—with a simple narrative that mirrors the minimalism of the track itself: girl likes boy, girl shows her affection by sharing an earpiece with boy (duh), boy comes to girl's open-mic show, they exchange flirty looks and... that's it.

Compared to the heavy bosoms and gilded rims of today's #YOLO culture, this super sweet love story is refreshingly low-key. Watch it and go nuzzle someone.

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