EDM News: Paul van Dyk Set To Perform A Rave Opera In Munich; File Under PVD Vs. Guiseppe Verdi

EDM News: Paul van Dyk Set To Perform A Rave Opera In Munich; File Under PVD Vs. Guiseppe Verdi

Here is some news that you can share with your parents to convince them that all those festivals you’ve been going to this summer aren’t filled with naked people and debauchery. It looks like Paul van Dyk, aka one of the biggest names in electronic dance music is performing at the Bavarian Opera festival in Munich. He will electronically reinterpret some of the works of Giuseppe Verdi, one of the most revered operatic composers of all time. Additionally, van Dyk will also be showcasing music from his anticipated seventh artist album The Politics of Dancing 3.

When I decided that merging electronic music with the operatic realm was a concept I wanted to pursue there was one composer who I was instinctively certain would be ripe for reinterpretation. One that I knew would easily sustain the substantial transitional leap required. Verdi’s music is a wonderful mix of melodrama and actual drama, driven by real emotion – all elements I seek to put into my music. I anticipate this recital will be a once in a lifetime experience – the only time that Verdi’s music and my own will share the same set-list. I’m looking forward to the challenge of it immensely

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Backed by sopranos and mezzo-sopranos Iulia Maria Dan, Ekaterina Gubanova and Nadja Michael from the Bayerische Staatsoper and the theatre’s own Bayerisches Staatsorchester instrumentation section, van Dyk will mix and perform selected works from both his own and Giuseppe Verdi’s repertoires. The show will also star Electronic Music sensation and prominent The Politics of Dancing 3 vocalist, Christian Burns, spanning the divide between the musical worlds of the 19th and the 21st centuries.

So next time you need to hit your parents up for a few hundred bucks to get passes for EDC, Electric Zoo, UMF or whatever, as long as PVD is headlining you can say, “Mom, Dad relax it’s not like a rave, it’s more like the Opera”.

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