EDM News: Soletron Passport Lands An Exclusive Interview With Joakim


EDM News: Soletron Passport Lands An Exclusive Interview With Joakim

Soletron Passport recent got a solid interview with genre defying EDM artist Joakim. You can check out all the dirt about touring, groupies, and Beyonce. Well that's just what we were interested in at least...

Here's an excerpt:

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Who is your dream collaboration with?

Any crazy groupies along the way? Let’s hear it.
What happens on tour, stays on tour. Oh no wait, there was this time in Sweden when at the end of the night i received a very nice sex offer from a dwarf lady. Remember i’m 6 foot 4.

Where have you always wanted to perform?
Hollywood Bowl.

What do you think is the toughest thing about touring/performing that the public might not know about?
Just the constant traveling, not being home much, wasting so much time in airports, flights, trains, cars… As a DJ it’s tougher because you’re on your own 80% of the time. With a band it’s way more fun.

Ok, let’s flip it around. What’s about the best thing about touring?

Visiting so many places. Although i usually don’t stay for more than 24 hours in the same city, i have millions of memories from dozens of countries where i performed. Sometimes you meet amazing people and you get to try food from all around the world.

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