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10 Tips To Get Past The Velvet Rope

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EDM News: Top 10 Tips To Get Past The Velvet Rope

One of the great parts of EDM culture is the equality of it all. For the most part you buy your ticket, line up and walk in. But there are always those exclusive events where it comes down to who you know and if you’re on the guest list.

Here are ten tips that might help you get past that infamous velvet rope and party with the cool kids.

1. Know Your Enemy- Find out what promoters are throwing the parties you want to go to. Friend them on Facebook, follow them on twitter. Promoters will do some events that are general admission, and that’s a good time to make an introduction.

2. Network- Be in your scene. Start DJing, take pictures, start a blog. Whether or not you have a day job, these are all great ways to support your love for EDM and contribute to the culture.

3. Be informed- Who’s the resident DJ? Who’s the guest DJ? Who’s the photographer? Those are all people to hit up for a guest list slot. And if you’re on the verge of getting denied entry, mentioning a name can be a good ‘Hail Mary’.

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4. Dress the Part- Don’t be the guy that shows up in shorts and flip flops. Look at past event photos and see what people are wearing. Make your own style fit the vibe. Tucked in shirts with khakis and a cell phone on a belt clip is pretty much an instant deny. You’re there to party, not sell photo copiers. When in doubt, wear black. If you are in New York, wear black period.

5. Travel Light- Leave your overnight bag, skateboard, fixie and pet poodle at home. You’re not getting in carrying those items, and you’ll just end up looking like “that guy”.

6. Get There Early (Not Too Early)- if the doors open at 10 pm, come at 10:15. Waiting outside at 7:30 makes you look like super fan. And you’re not getting in at midnight unless you’re Daft Punk. See step five if you think Daft Punk helmets will be a good disguise.

7. Plan Your Posse (Meaning Don’t Have One)- You’re not Prince or 2 Chainz. The best wing man is two girls, bottom line. Groups of guys need to break up the crew and approach the doors in pairs. Rolling solo works also works well because no one really cruises alone to a club unless their friends are in side.

8. Show Up Sober- If you’re trying to stumble and slur your way through the door, it’s not happening, bottom line.

9. Final Approach- Walk up to the door like you belong. Whoever has the clipboard has the power, so talk to them. They are going to vibe you- stay cool. Say the promoter told you to stop by, and be prepared to wait. If you hear the words “Sorry, private party” for whatever reason you didn’t make the cut. Move on. Don’t stand at the door fronting like you’re texting someone who’s going to get you in. It won’t help and just lowers your stock value for next time.

10. Have A Plan B- A few happening parties are usually right in the same area of town, so if you’ve done all of the above and still got denied, it never hurts to have a good Plan B. Pick a spot where you know you can get in. Nothing lessens the sting of a door denial better than a stiff drink at your local bar.

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