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EDM Want: Tonefloat:Ikon's Ambient Awesomeness Pressed On Vinyl

EDM Want: Tonefloat:Ikon's Ambient Awesomeness Pressed On Vinyl

Sometimes it can get a little hectic out there living the EDM lifestyle; music can always help you chill out, but sitting in front of a computer getting blue face while listening to your favorite sounds getting crushed into tin can speakers is never a good thing.

What is a good thing is vinyl. It’s probably the ritual behind it: Selecting the record, removing it from the sleeve, placing it on the platter, bringing the needle over and setting it down in the groove gets you in the right mood to vibe out and listen.

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Dirk Serries and Tonefloat records know this and are set to release three records that have one long-form piece of Serries’ signature soundscapes per side. The ambient music was performed & recorded in real-time with only electric guitars and limited effects. Each stream of consciousness is released on 160 gram black vinyl & packed in a special embossed sleeve with numbered insert card and an instant download (choice of 320kbps mp3, flac, aac, etc.) when ordering. Limited to 99 pressings each which can be ordered here.

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