Gear: Great Camera Bags For Your Festival Adventures

Gear: Great Camera Bags For Your Festival Adventures

Let's face it, we are all photographers these days in one way or another. Whether you are rocking your iPhone or a Canon 5D, we all seem to be constantly documenting our life with photos and videos. Especially EDM culture fans, there is just never a dull moment out there.

So we wanted to find a couple different camera bags that would not only work for our professional teams out in the field shooting video, but something that would be cool and stylish for the casual photographer as well.

Gear: Great Camera Bags For Your Festival Adventures

The Ari Marcopoulus Camrea Bag by Incase More about it here

This is for the more serious photographer needs to carry a couple lenses and maybe even a back up camera in one sleek case. The great thing about this bag is that it's just incredibly comfortable and easy to access, which is really key when you need to access your gear. It's got great construction, nice hardware, comfortable strap and even a spot for your iPad as well.

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I've taken this bag into the field several times now and was really impressed with it. We do a lot of work in tight spaces (nightclubs, crowds, DJ Booths) and this bag is perfect for when you need to be more slender and sleek while moving around.

Gear: Great Camera Bags For Your Festival Adventures

Stussy Camera Field Bag

More here 

So if you are traveling lighter and have a smaller DSLR this is the bag for you. It's got some room for an iPad, documents and maybe an extra lens if you are shooting a camera like a Lumix GF1 or similar size. The bag is super styling as well with those Stussy details and colorway. This is good for just rolling around with at festivals or where ever you may roam, it's just a great all around bag for the casual photographer.

We are huge fans of the Incase brand across the board, great computer bags and a fantastic new luggage line as well.

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