EDM Culture: Ballin on a Budget- A Night Out in San Diego for Under $30


EDM Culture: Ballin on a Budget- A Night Out in San Diego for Under $30

Life is tough--student loans, home loans, being alone. There are expenses lying in wait at every turn. But don't hang up your crotchless pants just yet, you can still have a social life for under $30 in our lovely city. We've done the dirty work for you, just follow this happy trail of nightlife debauchery and keep your checking account relatively happy.

Unfortunately this list doesn't include transportation expenses, but teleportation is a viable option.

We chose the Gaslamp as our first case study.

Stop #1 - Star Bar

A little random, a little off-color, and a hidden Gaslamp gem. If you've graduated from parking lot drinking (props if you haven't) then definitely get your first round at Star Bar. Conveniently located on E Street between 4th and 5th ave. We could describe the ambience, but it would take away from the experience. $5 for a shot of Goose--cash only.

Venue: Star Bar, 423 E. Street, San Diego

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Stop #2 - Vin de Syrah

Take a trip down a very elegant rabbit hole to San Diego's hipster paradise. A haven of wine, craft beer, live music, chic patrons and Pinterest-worthy furnishings. Live local DJs will seduce you (musically), and you can find comfort in a bottle of $6 craft beer. We're partial to the Deschutes Mirror Pond American Pale Ale and the Lost Coast 8 Ball American Oatmeal Stout. Alternately, you can split a bottle of imported wine amongst friends. (~$6-$7 per person/4 people)

Venue: Vin de Syrah, 901 5th Street, San Diego

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Stop #3 - Analog Bar

Finish your night at Analog--dirty disco and progressive house music on most weekend nights. Analog has an excellent collection of local DJs in EDM culture, it's an underrated venue and potentially more hipster than your Parker Warby's can handle. Be sure to RSVP on the guestlist for $5 cover. Finally, you can top off your sobriety with an $8 PBR tall boy. Not for the taste, but for the legitimacy.

Venue: Analog Bar, 801 5th Street, San Diego

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There you have it. A night of fun for under $30--good luck out there my fellow impoverished souls!

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