EDM Culture: Contention in EDM Paradise- Hipster Versus Bro


EDM Culture: Contention in EDM Paradise- Hipster Versus Bro

There is a chasm in EDM culture that is aggressively forming between the haves and the have nots--more specifically between those with extensive musical knowledge and those that are just here to have a good time and get 'plurnt up'. We're all guilty of perpetuating it- hating on dubstep- laughing at trance-faking a seizure while listening to D&B... We are catalyzing the divide between our fellow music lovers and music genres. We've seen the hate mail; we're aware of the stereotypes. We are cannibalizing our own.

The most prominent contenders? EDM Bro-types and EDM Hipsters. The visuals are brewing, we can feel it. Champagne-guzzling, neon tank types and their tight-lipped, sober Sally counterparts who know how many BPMs are in a cup of coffee. Can you feel the love?

First off, if you know more about electronic music than Beatport, congrats! Much respect for knowing each particle structure of the EDM sub genre--your musical prowess is incomparable and we tip our hats. But sometimes it's good to take a step back and examine the big picture. There's so much hate and one-upsmanship in this community, but at the root of it all, music is created to unite. Or at least that's what we read on a coffee mug once...

And to all the bros and bro hoes- you can learn a thing or two about the DJs you are watching. Have a little respect for the music- YouTube an artist, buy a track off of iTunes, realize that Tim Berg and Avicii have a lot more in common than you may think. We can all learn from each other. Besides, there are greater forces of evil at hand that we should unite against such as the Zombie Apocalypse and Paris Hilton moonlighting as a DJ.

Although the music industry has a capitalist black heart, the art form is an open forum for people across socio-economic classes to partake in. Whether you're a musical prodigy or just the average bro that is all about "that one song" by David Guetta--let's share the warm, sweaty embrace of EDM. Peace and love; kumbaya and shit. 

We all need to come together in a Zoloft-like haze and love each other--no matter how many vodka crans that headbanded Bro spills on you. He may only know 1/8 of the lyrics to "Clarity", but is his love for music any less real?

It's Four Loko real.

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