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EDM Culture: DJ Gear Review- UDG Creator Laptop/Controller Stand

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EDM Culture: DJ Gear Review- UDG Creator Laptop/Controller Stand

It's hard to believe the laptop generation of DJs has been around for almost ten years now and there has yet to be a completely portable yet sturdy laptop stand. Go-to gear manufactures have all come close, but none have meet the all the demanding needs of today’s traveling digital DJ.

Enter UDG, EDM culture’s preeminent bag and case manufacturer who’s been in the game since the vinyl days. They’ve taken the general design of the popular Crane stand and added some functional updates that get a few steps closer to the perfect rig to hold your laptop. These include adjustable height, a rotatable tray and a durable neoprene carrying case.

Do these improvements help set UDG’s Creator Stand apart from the rest in the game? Unfortunately, like most other stands out there, the answer is an ambiguous yes and no. Here’s a rundown of the pros and cons so ultimately the end user- you the DJ, can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s right for you.

-Once set up, the stand is able to hold a laptop or midi controller securely, as well take some abuse whether you’re pounding on the keys or pads.

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-The stand offers virtually unlimited options when it comes to both its set up angle and height.

-When folded, the stand is less than two inches tall when lying flat.

-The adjustability options comes a cost- setting up the Creator stand can be cumbersome and it’s easy to over tighten and/or loosen the cranks.

-While the stand folds flat, the size and bulk of its construction takes up a lot of space, especially when compared to the competition.

-The stand lacks a clean, streamlined appearance.

Final Thoughts:
While UDG’s updates to the Crane stand are notable, they don’t solve many of the problems of the original. The sheer size and difficult set up prevent it from qualifying as a truly portable stand. However, the solid construction and wide range of set up options make it an ideal solution in an installation-type DJ booth.

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