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EDM Culture: Electric Zoo Announces Set Times, Last Day For Mail Ticket Delivery And A Must Have App

EDM Culture: Electric Zoo Announces Set Times, Last Day For Mail Delivery, And A Must Have App

The end of summer is finally approaching, and the anticipation for EDM culture's prime East Coast festival is at an all time high. While Electric Zoo in New York is already sporting some awesome digs at Randall's Island Park, they just raised the stakes for a memorable labor day weekend with this killer lineup with an app that will help you create your own schedule with the new released set times!

Before we dive in to the set times, I just want to give a reminder that today is the last day to buy Electric Zoo passes with the guarantee of getting them in time by mail. If you're like me, then lines get you when you're already dying to get in- so save yourself the time and anxiety and make sure will call is one less line you need to visit.

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Now for the good stuff! With an amazing lineup like Electric Zoo has presented with us this year, it's extremely important to make sure you know the set times. With the EZ Zoo app you can create your own schedule, set reminders, and make sure you're where you want to be when you want to be. Below are the three days of complete insanity, so check it out, write it up and get stoked - Electric Zoo is right around the corner!

Day One:
Day Two:
Day Three:

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