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EDM Culture: Event Recap- NERO Surprises San Diego With A Set That The Entire City Heard

EDM Culture: Event Recap- NERO Surprises San Diego With A Set ThatTthe Entire City Heard

Thursday nights in San Diego begin relatively normal, dinner & drinks before you hit the bars and ultimately drink way more than you originally anticipated. Sometimes you end up crammed at the club staring at a headliner, and other times you are graced with local talent, or end up on the bull at The Double Deuce.

Not this particular Thursday. Not even close. When you walk up to Bang Bang, it seems a little off-beat, but that feeling soon fades when you make it up the subway-style stairs into the art filled, Eastern inspired wonderland. The scent of Asian fusion cuisine immediately makes you wish you hadn't stopped at Jilberto's before your adventure, and the drink menu on the blackboard is enough to make you salivate all the way to the bar. The hospitality is exceptional, starting from the door-man and the hostesses, all the way to the bouncers & bartenders. Bang Bang is by far one of the greatest customer service experiences I have come across in this city.

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The night started with LED's own talent: Mossberg Pump, a San Diego based DJ who brought the sexiest deep house and true techno sounds to the disco dancefloor. The floor was filled with diversity, all walks of life were here for a celebration of life and that sounds that inspire it. It was impossible to try and speak to your neighbor, Bang Bang's sound system is powerful, and the music is in control- heavy hitting bass, and fabulous acoustics overpower the simplicity of a voice. But who's complaining? Not us. Let the music speak!

As the deep house came to a mind-blowing finale, a glimpse of Nero came from backstage and the crowd immediately went wild. The anticipation of the set to come welcomed an overly crowded dancefloor, and soon enough the extended bass note shook the speakers, the long island filled glasses, and the faces of all attendees. NERO was on the decks, protruding the sounds of electronic infused tracks through the speakers- which shook with so much strength, it was without a doubt 'The Night the Bass was Heard 'round San Diego.' Nero's sounds of electro, dubstep, trap and progressive-ness is just the tip of the EDM iceberg. The sounds varied in genre, and the crowd was thoroughly impressed. LED & FNGRS CRSSD truely brought Market St to life with Nero's surprise performance. As always, we welcome these surprises with open ears and huge gratitude.

LED & FNGRS CRSSD present some of loudest events in San Diego. To see what they bring to Bang Bang weekly, visit the website!

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