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EDM Culture: Hard Summer 2013 Event Recap

EDM Culture: Hard Summer 2013 Recap

What’s up guys, I hope everyone had a top-notch time this past weekend. How many of you can I consider awesome for attending Hard Summer this past Saturday and Sunday? I hope many, because that’s what I’m about to talk about. If you were there, you’re sure to know that Hard was yet another success this past weekend, with a multitude of talent drawing in a differing dynamic of people to grace the ground of L.A. Historic Park; in short, it was a lot of fun, but I’m going to have to pause the happy-telling for a moment here to touch on the sad event that took place on Saturday night: A little after 10 o’clock PM a young man was rushed away in an ambulance after he went into cardiac arrest on site and passed away at the hospital. Live Nation issued this statement on the incident:

During Saturday evening's event held at Los Angeles State Historic Park, a patron experienced cardiac distress and sadly passed away at the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. Here's Live Nation's Press release:

Our guests' safety and well being is of paramount importance at every Live Nation event. We have skilled EMT's, police, and security staff deployed on site to respond to any emergency situation and last night members of this emergency team were with this patron and administering CPR within two minutes of notification. We work closely with local health and safety authorities to plan for emergencies and set the appropriate staffing levels for each event.

Thoughts and prayers out to the young man and his family and friends, and as sad as this incident is, I’m glad the rest of you had safer times. Now, I was unfortunately not able to attend Saturday’s festivities, so my focus is on Sunday. I brought with me a friend who had not been to a Hard event in four full years, so I was pretty excited to gage his reaction to the music festival that changes and grows so much every year. Since we both had work prior to the event, we got there at about 6:00 and went straight to the Hard Stage to get in Gesaffelstein’s live set.

EDM Culture: Hard Summer 2013 Recap

After that, we about-faced it and perused the UnderGround Stage where Eats Everything was playing, the Harder Stage where Clockwork was laying down and finally ended up at the Summer Stage for Mr. Oizo. We stayed there for a while because, well, Mr Oizo was doing his thing and doing it well, so naturally, the crowd grew and we danced. Funny thing, since the Metro rail was pretty close to the Summer Stage’s perimeter, we were able to see clearly the people watching us from its interior, and every single time there were a handful snapping pictures of dancing-raver us, because, you no, we were all lookin’ pretty good.

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EDM Culture: Hard Summer 2013 Recap

Alright, from Mr. Oizo we ran, nay, skipped up the hill back to the Harder Stage (it’s a field with neon lights and stars overhead, of course we skipped). We crested that hill and saw the sea of people dancing to the tune of Flosstradamus and took a few moments to snap some quick pictures because it was damn pretty. We were there as Flosstradamus asked the crowd to help them in their cause of combining EDM and Hip-Hop (yes and yes) And then we trekked it back over to the Hard Stage to catch Empire of the Sun. As we stood there watching them, the friend I’d brought leaned over and said that he was impressed by the diversity of talent Hard had brought to the event, that he was pleasantly surprised at how global it was. I replied that this was exactly why I love this genre, because there is so much to it, its all-inclusive at its best and it just keeps growing.

EDM Culture: Hard Summer 2013 Recap

Anyway, after Empire of the Sun bedazzled us all, we checked out Dillon Francis at the Harder Stage and were able to join in with him singing happy birthday to J2K from Flosstradamus. After that, we headed back and crammed ourselves in along with everyone else to catch some of Zedd’s set. That was a no-oxygen kind of crowd, I must say, so much so that when my friend and I were finally able to pop ourselves out of there, we both had to grab some good old alcohol to get the blood flowing again. We ended the night all the way on the other side at the Summer Stage for Justice’s set, which was just what the doctor ordered, no less. To make it even better, they ended their set with about four or five of the best-known 80’s songs, and you bet everyone sang every lyric.

EDM Culture: Hard Summer 2013 Recap

All too soon, it was midnight, and the weekend was officially over. As with every event at L.A. Historic Park, we all peaced-out together, and finally getting to sit down felt so damn good it was almost naughty. As for my friend and I, we headed straight to the Standard for a few drinks at The Rooftop and then grabbed much-needed grub from the 24/7 restaurant below. It was a pretty good end to a pretty great day. I hope you all had just as much fun. Until next time, carry on…

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