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EDM Culture: The Top 15 Must See Acts At Electric Zoo 2013

EDM Culture: The Top 15 Must See Acts At Electric Zoo 2013

With Electric Zoo right around the corner, the anticipation for the weekend of a lifetime is at an all time high. After seeing the schedule for this insane, massive lineup, my desire to be in New York grew even more. Now, despite the set time conflicts and the crazy running around I will be enduring to see each and every DJ on my wish list, there are a top 15 I refuse to miss. These are my picks and those I hope to hear when I think of Electric Zoo 2013.

#1. Keys N Krates
I've been listening to Keys N Krates since their "Clique" remix and " Lucid Dreams" EP. Although that's not too long of a time, I've been dying for the canadian trio to head to the states and blow my mind live. I had the honor of seeing the live band at HARD Summer and promised myself it wouldn't be the last.

#2. Henrix
If you haven't heard of Henrix, start your research and press play, because I promise this is one set you don't want to miss. I fell in love with Henrix after listening to his "Rock This Dream" EP which featured 3 massive tracks that got my pulse racing and booty shaking. He also recently came out with a mix for THUMP that absolutely blew my mind - playing as the soundtrack to many of my nights since its release. When I think of seeing Henrix live, I think of nothing, but a good time.

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#3 Rudimental
Rudimental is one of those groups, I can look back on a performance and get goose bumps all over again. Their unique sound and balanced blend of beats and mind blowing vocals, is what makes them one of my favorite live shows. They recently released "Home," which showcased this talent and if I could hear this whole album live, I know my weekend would be complete.

#4. Mt. Eden Live
When I first was exposed to the electronic music scene, Mt. Eden was one of the first duos I had ever heard. Their "Sierra Leone" track was so unique and unheard of to me, I became addicted to the whole culture all together. I have yet to see them live and can't wait to finally have the opportunity.

#5. Baauer

I've had the fortune to see Baauer on multiple occasions and each time he brings a set to remember. The first time I saw him at HARD Day of The Dead, trap wasn't exactly the trend, but he brought the massive bass and hip flow to an audience that didn't even realize how big this sound would resound. "Harlem Shake," hadn't gone viral, but this performance I would always remember. Fast forward to HARD Summer and Baauer still brings the insane trap that everyone has come to know and love. His sets are unique and nothing like you'd ever expect. This is one I definitely do not want to miss.

#6. UZ

The masked mystery man also came into my life the same time Baauer did, after seeing their performances at HARD Day of The Dead. I wasn't focused on the mask or the mystery, but stoked on the way the music made me feel. From the second he stepped on stage, all I wanted to do was get low and let the music take over. He recently graced the stage at Avalon in Los Angeles and put the crowd to shame with his variety of tunes. If I had a schedule conflict with UZ before you best believe that there is no conflict here- I'm going to UZ 100%.

#7. The M Machine

Since I just recently turned 21, I've missed out on every opportunity to see The M Machine in Los Angeles. I've been a huge fan of The M Machine since "Metropolis Pt. 1," and even bigger fan with their remixes of not only their own songs, but others. I've watched many youtube videos featuring the infamous M and cannot wait to make what have always be my internet fantasy into my reality.

#8. Tommy Trash
Tommy Trash has been on my show to do list for awhile now, but with some misfortune and unlucky timing, I've only been able to see the talented DJ once and for the tail end of his performance of HARD Summer. What I do have to say, is Tommy goes hard and the crowd goes absolutely bananas. He knows how to read the crowd and play a show you'll never forget. To say I'm excited to see a full performance from Tommy would be an understatement.

#9. 3LAU
3LAU has been blowing up my speakers since his first appearance with 3LAU HAUS #1. His ability to throw together a wide range of music in his mixes not only blew me away, but turned me into a loyal and avid 3LAU HAUS follower. I have yet to see him live and cannot wait to step into 3LAU's HAUS in real life.

#10. Vicetone

This duo has had me since I first played their remix of Cazzette's "Weapon." Since then, they've had me with their massive remixes and moving originals. I only hope that I can keep up with the insane energy I know these two are gonna bring.

#11. Sub Focus

Sub Focus is a huge name I've been dying to see for a long time now. Between his track "Endoprhins," and remix of Rusko's "Holdin' On," you better believe I'll be front in center at this show. If Sub Focus is even a quarter of what he sounds like on my speakers, I know live I'm about to be blown away.

#12. Oliver
I had the pleasure of seeing Oliver at HARD Summer and just about lost my head after their performance. The energy they brought was so insane, that despite being in the blazing sun for 5 hours, I danced until the very last song ended. If you haven't seen Oliver, be sure to check them out here!

#13. HeRobust

HeRobust first came to my attention with his "Busted" remixes that featured some of my favorite songs, but with a new spin. He knew how to breathe knew life into songs I would never thought get played out again, but low and behold- they were busted and reinvented into something new. Since then, he's come out with multiple remixes as well as an EP with Two Fresh that makes you wanna lose all control. I've never seen him live, but can't wait to say I have.

#14. Flux Pavilion
Flux has been a huge influence in not only the EDM scene, but in my listening preferences. Anyone on Circus records you can find on my iTunes as well as in my top favorite songs. When I listen to "Gold Dust," I always get to reminiscing and feeling fresh, but there are also tunes like Flux's "Blow The Roof" EP, that became a huge part of my life's soundtrack.

#15. Diplo

Do I even need to say why? The Twerk king and Mad Decent creator has been blowing my mind since I immersed myself into the EDM scene. I tune in almost weekly just to hear his Diplo and Friends episodes, as well as playing his 2 hour sets on repeat for days at a time. I've seen Diplo a couple times now and couldn't imagine a festival without catching this set.

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