EDM Culture: Tweet Your True Secrets To Reveal The Album Art On Avicii's True


EDM Culture: Tweet Your Secrets To Reveal The Album Art On Avicii's True

Never before heard new electronic music from Avicii is playing on giant speakers somewhere in Stockholm. Between those speakers is a large, fragile black glass screen that is masking the album artwork from True, the upcoming album debut from Avicii.

Fans can use the hashtag #truereveal on Twitter to reveal a secret about their selves. Each tweet with the hashtag will raise the volume incrementally until the glass shatters and the art is revealed.

Fans will be able to interact throughout the process via the True Reveal site, http://www.thetruereveal.com/ tweeting and monitoring the process via a live stream while they contribute to pumping up the volume. Tweets will be projected on the glass screen to show that everything is happening in real time.

The album is set to be released on September 17th, 2013.

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