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EDM Download: Anamanaguchi's "Endless Fantasy"; Album Planned In September

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EDM Download: Anamanaguchi's "Endless Fantasy"; Debut Album Planned In September

Anamanaguchi is a New York City indie/dance hacker boy band, that dreams of playing pop punk at raves. They use vintage video game hardware - and they do it really well. So they decided they should unleash their new electronic music in the UK, release the album proper on Alcopop! Records (Johnny foreigner/ Fight Like Apes) and introduce themselves to our lucky nation for a long weekend in September.

Boasting an incredible fanbase who raised them over $100k kickstarter fund in under 24 hours, with former credits including the Scott Pilgrim Video Game soundtrack (which debuted at Number 3 on Billboard Heatseekers Chart) and a track on video game Rock Band, September sees the release of their new album Endless Fantasy worldwide.

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Check the SoundCloud stream below for the download:

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