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EDM Download: Avicii Vs. Danny Avila- "My Voltage For You" (Verdugo Brothers Edit)

EDM Download: Avicci Vs. Danny Avila- "My Voltage For You" (Verdugo Brothers Edit)

The best part about mash-ups is the ability to hear two songs you love at one time- and in the right hands, almost a completely new song to call your favorite. I think it's safe to say with this mash-up from Verdugo Brothers, I have found brand spankin' new electronic music dance to. The duo seamlessly took Avicii's "My Feelings For You," and Danny Avila's "Voltage," and combined them to create a festival, electro house tune. It's still contains all my favorite elements from both songs including the lyrics from "My Feelings For You," and the big bass, intense build and massive drop from "Voltage." Together, this song is unstoppable.

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