EDM Interview: It's No Secret UK's Disclosure Ready To Rock Central Park With House Music


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EDM Interview: It's No Secret UK's Disclosure Ready To Rock Central Park With House Music

Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' may be the summer's crown prince, but anyone with a pulse knows this year's real underground royalty are UK phenoms Guy and Howard Lawrence. Selling out arenas and EDM festivals across the globe, the multi-talented brothers, better known as Disclosure, are blowing minds and racking up fans as they tag team on the CDJs and in the studio. They're even more blogged than Daft Punk, Mixmag reported in July.

Besides DJing, the brothers Lawrence are big on production, mastering drums, bass, chord pads, piano/synths and more. They also respect the vinyl, particularly old and rare gems, having grown up listening to live bands, playing instruments as young as 3-years-old and turning to dance music later. Over the weekend, they hit Lollapalooza in Chicago, then LA's HARD Summer music festival and Montreal's Osheaga. This week: New York's Central Park SummerStage with TNGHT and Julio Bashmore also amplifying the Aug. 6 concert.

"I learned to DJ on vinyl," Guy told me via phone in a recent exclusive while abroad. "It's just me and Howard on stage, and we use a lot of instruments." So, expect some surprises at their live show. "I do like the feeling of DJing with vinyl ... it's much more rewarding. And, we're definitely going to start singing more," says Guy, noting his younger brother's vocal interests.

Disclosure has been touring like mad all summer, hitting high notes with a No. 1 début LP, 'Settle,' and impressing the likes of Katy Perry (shout out on Twitter). But, the British siblings who celebrated birthdays in May (Guy, 22 and Howard, 19) aren't fazed by fame, and insist they're just staying true to their roots while making good music, regardless of what genre they fit. So far, they've managed to fuse dubstep, R&B, Hip Hop, UK garage, House music and pop without losing an ounce of instrumental integrity. "We get told we make deep House all the time, but I don’t feel like we make that," Guy explains, pointing to influences of deep house in their productions which are more pop-structured songs.

I'm counting down the Central Park gig. I knew these guys had something special as soon as I heard them last year (thanks Slick Shoota for the heads-up). The music industry across the board is due a serious kick in the pants.

"We’ve been touring nonstop ... we don’t get a lot of time to chill out," Guy admits. "But, we're eating a lot of amazing food!" One thing for sure, Disclosure's 'What I Did for Summer' list shaped up nicely _ playing Space Ibiza to hundreds in the groove rows deep; Coachella; UK's Glastonbury and Germany's Melt! festival.

By the way, how did Disclosure come up with that distinctive look? Props to the artist who drew clever faces for an early sleeve promoting their work! "A lot of music campaigns are formulaic," Guy says. "We did it naturally and the reason we did this is because we love the music." The duo's name was a happy accident when he saw a piece of paper, car insurance forms to be exact, near his laptop one day. "We didn’t care about the name so much, but wanted to get the music out there.

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