EDM Label Spotlight: Jesse Siminski (Heartthrob) Launches ISNINST- A Label Reviving The Funk Driven Sounds Of House Music


EDM Label Spotlight: Jesse Siminski (Heartthrob) launches ISNINST, A Label Reviving The Funk Driven Sounds Of House Music

It seems like every day another artist, on another label, with another "festival worthy" song is popping up in EDM News. Someone produced a song with a twenty foot drop, or collaborated with a pop-culture icon. There's nothing wrong with it, after all- these tracks are often the ones that keep this industry upstairs…in the multi-million dollar mainstream culture. ISNINST lies on the other end of the spectrum-- far from the brightly light raver rainbow. Jesse Siminski, better known as Heartthrob created ISNINST from the idea that house, disco and tech are derived from a funky art form, likely to fill your mind and take you on a musically induced psychological trip.

The idea of producing music and making intriguing objects that relate to their character has been the final impulse to get things going. Starting this allows me to combine my passion for music and visual art, with a sense of humor"

ISNIST is not just about the sound, the concept is a full package- art, humor, music, and originality. The idea is that you cannot have one without the other, the label is the dark and the light, the humor and the adventure. In an interview conducted by Resident Advisor in 2007, Jesse stated that "Some of the stuff that I make is pretty upbeat and high energy at times, and it has a sense of humor to it too. I'd like to think that I'm capable of the full spectrum. With the darkness I find here is always optimism… It's like when you're on the dance floor, it's not just empty; your persevering through something. A catharsis. An experience. It's not communication of straight happiness; it's sort of the ability to go through an experience, and that's why a lot of people go out. They want to be taken somewhere." Siminski to RA: M. Iqbal 1-31-2007

Jesse Siminski was born in Northern Michigan in 1976. As a 90's teen, his discovery of the Midwest rave scene led him to the underground sounds in Chicago and Detroit. In 1999 his passion became his driving force, and led to his relocation in New York City where minimal house and acid techno, combined with interest in contemporary art developed into Heartthrob. Since then, Jesse Siminski has not slowed down- ISNINST is a product of his innovation, and we can't wait to hear what comes of it.

This October, with Heartthrob's first 10" release on the label titled 'Discount Dancer,' we will be directed down the multi-faceted yellow brick road ISNINST is bound to take us down. Here's a look at the release:

‘Discount Dancer’ sets the tone, marrying the infectious energy of classic Roland grooves and maxed-out acid funk to compelling effect, cruising along under a relentless cowbell that acts as a rallying cry for the sordid revellers of his dreams.

On the flip, ‘Lets Talk About Reading’ draws upon that prior energy and focuses it into a jacking homage to the fallen star of Paris Is Burning, Venus Xtravaganza, awash with crackling atmospheres and gauzy pads that serve as a stark juxtaposition to the militant drums and contagious bass line that underpin them.

Finally, a bonus for digital buyers as live-take ‘St8-2-Tape’ shows him in full on analogue freak-out mode, fusing claustrophobic lo-fi drums with sultry stabs and classic Rhodes chords to create a timeless jam worthy of any format, past or present."

EDM Label Spotlight: Jesse Siminski (Heartthrob) launches ISNINST, A Label Reviving The Funk Driven Sounds Of House Music

The "Discount Dancer" 10", ISNINST's first release, is out October 10th, 2013.

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