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EDM News: Behind The Beat- Top 10 Female Powerhouse Vocalists In EDM Culture


By: Hannah DeuPree

EDM News: Behind The Beat- Top 10 Female Powerhouse Vocalists In EDM Culture

You know exactly what we're talking about... The melodies that chill you to the bone. Everyone has experienced that single defining moment when a vocalist steps on stage next to the DJ. Instant goosebumps. These are the women of EDM culture with the voice, the beauty, and the hypnotizing lyrics that make us connect emotionally with the music. While the synth powered, bass hitting, vintage dance music minimizes the heavy vocals- today's generation relies on the lyrical sentiment portrayed in dance music's chart topping tracks. Whatever genre you are into- it can not be denied that when you throw in vocals, the track instantly becomes relatable. Here are our top 10 powerhouse female vocalists...


Out of Romania, Inna (Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu) has taken charge of Europe's EDM charts since 2008 with her unique, ultra sexy vocals. The singer-songwriter was the first European female vocalist to surpass over 1 billion hits on YouTube. Her hit singles include Love (2008), DejaVu (2009), and Hot (2010) with three studio albums: Hot (2010), I am the Club Rocker (2012), and Party Never Ends (2013).


What do we say about Emma Hewitt? Besides the fact that she is an Australian bombshell with mind shattering vocals...? Her collaborations with Cosmic Gate, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin and Armin Van Buuren have put her name on a pedestal in the world of Trance. In 2012 Emma's debut album "Burn The Sky Down" took us on a roller coaster of ambient, vocal trance that keeps us coming back for more. Sing to us, Emma.


Cari Golden is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, with a captivating voice and a flair forthe unexpected. For over 10 years, Cari has entertained the likes of EDM producers from every end of the spectrum. Her multi-genre talent has landed her collaborations with Audiofly, Pan-Pot, Mario Zar, Android Cartel and many others- along with track releases on Armada Records,Ultra Records, Rapid Response Recordings and more.


Finally, New Jersey gives us a woman worth talking about. Aruna Abrams is far from the world of orange "jerseylicious guidettes”, and we could never thank her enough for that. Aruna's voice is as mysterious and enticing as her name, showcasing her vocals alongside the likes of Myon & Shane 54, ATB, Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten-- just to name a few. In 2012, Aruna became the first female solo artist to host Above & Beyond's international podcast, 'Trance Around the World.' This breakthrough put Aruna on the path to her own podcast- 'The Hot List,' which skyrocketed to #14 on iTunes Top 200 Podcasts.


This Pakistani-American vocalist caught the attention of Europe's dance music charts in 2001 asthe voice behind the band iiO, with the debut Hit Single "Rapture." Nearly a decade later, Nadia Ali caught the attention of the world with "Pressure," a collaboration with Alex Kenji and Starkillers- which became a worldwide festival anthem overnight. Ali's unique blend of trance, ballads, and eastern acoustic musical styles combined with a passion for songwriting has landed her a Grammy nomination, and an International Dance Music Award.

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While Rachel Moulden is more widely known for her songwriting talent, she has proved that her voice is as promising as her lyrics. Known as Maiday, this British singer-songwriter-producer has produced songs for Wretch 32, Leona Lewis and Little Nikki. Her collaboration with Jakwob landed her a deal with Interscope records on July 4, 2013... We can't wait to hear what Maiday does to the EDM charts. Stay tuned for epicness.


Who gets wet, smells like whiskey, and makes you feel alive? Krewella. And we love it. Jahan and Yasmine make up the unmistakable vocals of Krewella, a trio from Chicago. While we dig your production skills, Rainman- this feature is for the girls. Or Trolls, as they call themselves. Krewella began their career with the tracks "Strobelights" and "Life of the Party." The songs gained popularity on several online audio distribution platforms, which led to the hit, "One Minute." In 2012, Krewlla dropped their EP "Play Hard," and they've been rapidly climbing to the top ever since.


Music Producer, Audio Engineer, DJ, Music Extraordinaire... Seemingly describes Maya Jane Cole. Based out of the UK, Maya composes/produces deep house and underground garage tracks by day, and as the night takes over- so does her dubstep alias- Nocturnal Sunshine. At the age of 15, Mayabegan producing trip-hop tracks, which led to her first two records in 2008/2009, released by Dogmatik Records. 2011 proved to be a rewarding year for Maya, winning Best Newcomer at the Ibiza DJ Awards, Mixmag's Best Breakthrough DJ, and DJ Mag's Producer of the Year. Her debut full length album, "Comfort," was released earlier this year.


Songwriter. Singer. Producer. Orchestral Composer. Meet, Fiora Cutler (Fiora). This multi-talented musical sensation from Tasmania first showcased her talents with the lyrically compelling track by Antillas, "Damged." Her career began with Opera in the Queensland Orchestra in 2001. Her passion for music combined with a talent for composition led her into the world of dance music, where she has since produced tracks along the sides of Armin Van Buuren, Seven Lions, and Arty.


If you have not been a part of the Australian twin revelation known as 'Nervo,' you need to crawl out from the rock you've been living under. Miriam and Olivia began their quest as songwriters, publishing music for multiple international pop stars- including Kelly Rowland and David Guetta's number one hit, "When Love Takes Over." Their success immediately landed them a collaboration with Afrojack, "The Way We See the World," which became the Tomorrowland Anthem, and has put them at the Belgium festival’s main stage for three consecutive years.

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