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EDM News: Kissy Sell Out Talks Michael Jackson, Fake Blood And The Future Of Music

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EDM News: Kissy Sell Out Talks Michael Jackson, Fake Blood And The Future Of Music

EDM culture's Kissy Sell Out has got one of those magic touches. He can take whole albums that sound like garbage and then re-work them into dance floor gold. And unlike most production geniuses, he's also a pretty sinister DJ. Here's an excerpt from recent interview he did with Soletron:

How would you describe your style?
Speed garage & house – done with love & packing a punch!
I would also say that I have a very British style – it’s something that gets pointed out to me by people when I play abroad all the time. My mixing style is very influenced by Andy C and DJ EZ, who are British legends in their own right, so it’s not surprising that my UK-edge stands out a little more overseas. I love how global the garage sound has become now – when I was touring in Australia recently for my new album “San City High All Stars”, they were loving the garage!

If you could meet any artist in history, who would it be?
I think it would be quite exciting to go back and sit in on the studio sessions between Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson when they were making “Thriller”. The reason I say that is because there are some great stories I’ve heard about that album from label A&R people over the years – the saying goes “every album has it’s problems” so I think it’s interesting that even if you look at the arguably the most successful album ever made, they STILL had tears along the way. (I’d chip off before all the creepy latter-day jacko kiddy stuff though!)

Where do you see the future of the music industry going?
…would you like me to predict the lottery numbers while I’m at it? ; )
I dunno man, I find that just keeping up with the latest tunes and focusing on doing your best work seems to be the thing that has kept me in the game. I’d say the same for some of my close DJ pals too like Hatcha or Fake Blood who just roll with the quality and foresight of their productions rather than bringing a crystal ball with them to shows!

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You can read the full interview here.

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