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EDM News: New Electronic Music And Video From Waking Lights- "The Sounds" (Thrice Noble Remix)

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EDM News: New Electronic Music And Video From Walking Lights- "The Sounds (Thrice Noble Remix)

New electronic music from Thrice Noble and unsigned NJ indie rock trio Waking Lights. Total dance party is what this video is all about for the new video for "the Sounds" (Thrice Noble Remix).

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The track will be included on Waking Lights' new EP, Week Nights, which is out in September. Formed in 2005, Matthew Maroulakos, Dana LaMarca, and Grant Zubritsky are Waking Lights, a heart-on-their-sleeves trio driven by raw emotion, clever pop songwriting and Matt's intelligent, poetic lyrics. After independently releasing The Rabbit Hole in 2009 and a self-titled EP in 2011, Waking Lights pushed themselves into more fantastical territory with their forthcoming EP Week Nights.

Waking Lights - The Sounds (Thrice Noble Remix) from Waking Lights on Vimeo.

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