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EDM News: New Electronic Music From Digitalism On "Lift" EP, Announce North American Tour

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EDM News: New Electronic Music From Digitalism On "Lift" EP, Announce North American Tour

In celebration and support of their new electronic music EP ‘Lift’, Digitalism will play nine select DJ dates across North America in August and September. ‘Lift’ will see release on legendary EDM culture label, and Digitalism’s home base, Kitsune, September 30.

The Hamburg based duo, who humbly began as co-workers in a record store, last visited North America in May of 2013, bringing their live show to a unique blend of historic and storied rock venues including The Troubadour in Los Angeles and The Bluebird Theater in Denver. In classic Digitalism fashion, this time around offers a reversal, with the duo going back to their Hamburg roots, with a DJ focused tour that takes in the new generation of intimate American dance venues such as LA’s Sound, Brooklyn’s Output, and San Diego’s Voyeur.

Though many know Digitalism for their original production and ever evolving live shows, DJing is what bonded Isi and Jens originally, and remains a burning passion of theirs. Anyone who caught their instalment of last year in the revered DJ Kicks series knows their passion for crate digging and the construction of a tight set. Further evidence can be found in their recent stint for Boiler Room at 2013 all night !Melt festival special which can be viewed and listened exclusively here.

Much of what fans will hear in these upcoming North American sets will be all-new Digitalism material. The duo has deliberately carved out long-stretches of studio time over the past twelve months. The forthcoming ‘Lift’ EP will be a taste of what Digitalism are capable of, but in this instance they wrote within the confides of the Dance Floor but with the expanse and freedom of collaborating with other artists to try and see how far they could push their sound.

We've hardly ever done any collaborations before; at the beginning we even didn't get other people to remix our songs. That's changed over the years, however, and we've opened up and wanted to see how we can mix our creative genes with other people's approaches and ideas."

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The 'Lift' EP will be remarkable not just for the collaboration but also as it marks a return home to the label that helped introduce them to the international dance floor. It may feel like a homecoming, but ‘Lift’ continues to break new ground for Digitalism. Collaborations are a rarity for the pair, but the new EP features three tracks and three collaborators – Steve Duda, Mike Diamond's of Blood Diamonds and The M Machine.

EDM News: New Electronic Music From Digitalism On "Lift" EP, Announce North American Tour

North American DJ Tour August/September 2013

29th August - Output, New York
30th August - Voyeur, Philadelphia
31st August - SAT, Montreal
4th September - Monarch Theatre, Phoenix
5th September - Sound, Los Angeles
6th September - Ruby Skye, San Francisco
12th September - Voyeur, San Diego
13th September - Foundation, Seattle
14th September - Hard Rock, Las Vegas

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