EDM News: RVNG Int Set To Release New Electronic Music Album From Gardland- "Syndrome, Syndrome"; File Under 'Techno'


EDM News: RVNG Int Set To Release New Electronic Music Album From Garland- "Syndrome, Syndrome"; File Under 'Techno'

Syndrome Syndrome, the debut album from Gardland, explores improvised techno and new electronic music while exhibiting a stark emotive core. Assertive, though "elegantly wasted," as they describe it, Gardland is the laboriously cracked energy exchange of Alex Murray and Mark Smith. The duo solidified the young partnership during a psychedelic desert excursion far from their urban dwellings in Sydney, Australia.

Gardland shared a swathe of this desert delirium as the first release via their newly formed Hunter Gatherers label. With this gesture, they posed a new paradigm for Sydney's sometimes-static social- musical consciousness by delivering uncompromising electronic music rife with rigor and real-deal feel.

Syndrome Syndrome was written and recorded in a small room over a series of inspired sessions. Living within earshot of each other, Murray and Smith bucked the unconventional confab this comfort allows in favor of a workingman’s deftness. In the middle of this process, Gardland’s primary synthesizers were stolen at a gig. Impervious and industrious, the blank slate catalyzed their creative flow instead of stunting it, eventually filling to the frame with the eleven uneasy pieces of Syndrome Syndrome.

Track List:
01. Grrone
02. Syndrome Syndrome
03. Katarakt
04. One In None
05. Ode To Ode
06. Trepan Heke
07. Magicville
08. Ride Wid Me
09. Success In Circuit
10. Nothing But Not Zero
11. Hell Flur

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