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EDM News: Woodstock Grounds To Hold EDM Culture's 'Mysteryland' Festival Memorial Day Weekend 2014

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EDM News: Woodstock Festival Grounds To Hold EDM Culture's 'Mysteryland' Festival Memorial Day Weekend 2014

EDM culture’s longest-running gathering, Mysteryland, is making its US debut in 2014 in Bethel Woods, the site of the legendary 1969 Woodstock festival. The move marks an historic moment for organizer ID&T, the corporation behind high-profile festivals such as Sensation, Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld and Q-dance.

This will be the first time a multi-day festival is hosted at the iconic Bethel Woods site in upstate New York. Forty-five years after the legendary Woodstock festival, the site will host Mysteryland during Memorial Day weekend from May 23 through May 26, 2014.

Promoters from all over the world have been trying for decades to convince the owners of the Bethel Woods site to host large-scale festivals in this special spot. After a year of talks, ID&T has finally won approval for the first US edition of Mysteryland, which is also held annually in the Netherlands and Chile.

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Darlene Fedun, CEO of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts states “We chose ID&T’s Mysteryland brand as the first modern era festival on the hallowed grounds for its belief in many of the same principles as our own organization. Creativity, unity, social responsibility and a focus on the “experience” of the guest.

The festival offers its guests a creative journey, combining music with theatre, movies, interactive installation art, street performers and spectacular shows at bizarre decorated stages. The musical offerings are also all about discovery. In addition to legends from the international dance scene, the festival provides a stage for new and local talents: the next generation.

Mysteryland has been a leading pioneer on the dance festival scene in Europe and the US since 1993 and has inspired the famous Tomorrowland festival, which emerged from the key values of the Mysteryland festival. Furthermore Mysteryland has also been a major catalyst for the electronic music revolution since the early 1990s.

The first US edition of Mysteryland at this iconic location will be all about quality. The multi-day festival will be a very exclusive gathering, with only 20,000 tickets available.

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