Label Spotlight: Tel Aviv's Punch Music


Label Spotlight: Punch Music In Tel Aviv

Celebrating 4 years and 25 releases, showcasing the label's rich, unique and diverse sound, Punch Music is the current sound of Israeli Techno. Featuring multiple faces of each of the label's artists, as well of some of the esteemed remixers who have been working with Punch Music along the years are the likes of Muzarco, Gary Beck, Nir Shoshani, Guy J, Yariv Bernstein, John Tejada, Agaric, Peter Horrevorts, Roland M. Dill, Hernan Cattaneo, Jay Tripwire, Miki Litvak, Dan Drastic and Marc Marzenit to name a few. From the underground scene of Jerusalem to the biggest clubs in Tel Aviv and beyond Israel, Punch Music signature sound is something that cannot be missed. The Punch Music label parties have already gained a name as being the wildest and most edgy parties around. Whether it’s big room techno, quriqi electronica or organic groove, the Punch Music sound is always forward thinking, intriguing and connecting people’s mind, body and soul.

PUNCH MUSIC - "Strongbox" CD/LP (Punch) compilation album

Label Spotlight: Punch Music In Tel Aviv

You can purchase the album on Beatport.

Punch Music will be appearing at the Amsterdam Dance Event at Club Rogue on October 16 in association with 1.FM radio network (



Label Spotlight: Punch Music In Tel Aviv

Born in Jerusalem, Tal Shoshani grew up in the 1980s to the sound of Electro pop, starting to tinker with music production software in his teens and creating music influenced by early 90s Acid Techno. As the 90’s drew to a close he was involved in the underground electronic music scene in Israel, releasing his first EP of Electronica inspired by the likes of Aphex Twin, FSOL, and Boards of Canada. This was followed by a period focusing on electro-house, DJing, remixing and releasing music under the acronym K300, with one track being remixed by Guy Gerber. In 2005 Tal moved to Tel-Aviv and built his studio, packed it with the analogue synthesizers whose sounds defined his taste during those early years. A remix for Ran Shani on Big Love saw the birth of Muzarco as an artist and he has since had numerous releases on labels as Punch Music, Lost & Found to start with. His tracks were remixed by artists as Hernan Cattaneo, John Tejada, Guy J, Marc Marzenit, Alessio Mereu & Roland M. Dill With a rich musical background and a sense for warm and colorful sound crafting, this sonic soul searcher brings into techno his unmistakable signature: emotion. Muzarco’s work at the studio invokes the soul out of machines and transforms on the floor into an intoxicating, electrifying, emotional experience.


Label Spotlight: Tel Aviv's Punch Music

His layered, hypnotic sound, delivered on a platform of deep stirring groove is guaranteed to satisfy the dancing crowd, and keep listeners intrigued. With over 14 years of experience producing and performing Live worldwide, Nir Shoshani has the ability and perspective to see far and wide into dance music, picking the best elements of different genres and fusing them together to express his vision. Nir has been collaborating remixing and remixed by John Tejada, Perc,Muzarco, Pherox, , Peter Horreworts, Roland. M.Dill Yariv Bernstein and Funk D’void to name a few. In 2013 Nir Will release his first output on Alex Niggemann imprint Soulfooled aswell as new collaborations with Funk D”void Roland M.Dill and Muzarco. Shoshani sets are being played regularly at Sceen.Fm,Different Grooves,, and on Manchester radio.

As the A & R of the label Nir Shoshani sets the tone and heads the musical line of Punch Music.


Label Spotlight: Tel Aviv's Punch Music

Tami Bibring began her DJ career in 2002, crossing over from playing bass guitar in a girl’s electro-rock band Akita and subsequently bringing underground beats and electronic music to Tel Aviv. Ever since she’s been playing at every cool party whether it’s for lesbians, gays, straights at a 300 people’s club or in front of thousands, in special events such as gay pride parade or street raves. For over a decade there is no club in Tel Aviv in which she haven’t played her unique style, leaving the crowd pleased and screaming for more. No wonder she was called “Israeli techno rock star” by DJ Mag. Tami went international in 2007 and among the venues she conquered you can name the main stage at Cologne’s gay games, the main stages at Amsterdam’s and Prague’s pride events and many clubs in Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Portland and San Francisco. For more then 13 years, Tami has hosted her own radio show on 106FM – “Fusion”. The show gained many fans over the years and was nominated as the best EDM radio show on Time Out Tel Aviv Magazine competition. Tami knows how to blend the right mixture of sounds and beats into a unique, uplifting (yet intelligent) style, which leaves the dance floor fool and the crowd in ecstasy.


Label Spotlight: Tel Aviv's Punch Music

Born in Jerusalem and living there still, Yariv Bernstein’s musical taste was deeply influenced by the Acid Techno of the early 90s. Eager to express his own vision to the dance community, he picked up DJing by his late teens and within a few years became a founding figure of the now legendary underground rave scene of Jerusalem, whilst also building a name outside of the scene. Producing his own music was a natural step that Yariv took next and he did so with the passion and determination that only those who are totally committed possess. His music never stays put, always evolving and guarantees a unique experience for the serious listener. For Yariv Bernstein, intuition is key. Imbued with inspiration and experience, his senses guide him as he skillfully leads listeners to his musical domain. Revered as a Sage of Techno, rooted in the genre since its early days while keeping up to date with the latest, Yariv Bernstein’s selection is anything but static. No two sets sound alike, as different tracks are fused together spontaneously, with just one sound ever present – the crowd’s roar. Yariv’s releases have been favored by world class DJs and producers such as Chris Liebing, Guy J, Nick Warren, Gery Beck, Markantonio and Slam amongst others.

RADIO / TV / DJing / GIGS:

Punch Music artists have regular podcasts and radio shows at Manchester Radio in England - & Sceen.Fm

Also on Punch Music Radio.

Nir Shoshan is playing gigs on a regular bases on Tel Aviv scene from underground events to rooftop sunsets. He released maybe the biggest release on Punch Music - this year’s collaboration with Funk D'void and Roland M.Dill. Including remixes by Agaric, Jay Tripwire, Muzarco, Piemont and Harvey Mckay. He will also release an EP on Alex Niggemans new imprint AEON. including 3 tracks - one solo by Nir and the second a collaboration with Alex Niggeman along with a remix by Simon Garcia.

Muzarco released an EP on Punch Music this past year and contributed tracks for Sudbeat and Hoehenregler. He also did remixes for labelmate Nir Shoshani, Philip James De Vries, Acidoaks, Low Manuel, Triangle Eyes and Kassey Voorn. He collaborated with Basti Grub on a couple of tracks and worked on an EP too for his own imprint, Hoehenregler Records.


Coming soon on Punch Music:
Nir Shohshani singular remixes Pt 2 including tracks & remixes from Nir Shoshani, Funk D'void, Harvey McKay, Roland M Dill & Piemont
New EPs from Muzarco, Yariv Bernstein, Tami Bibring & Roland M Dill

Distribution via EPM in the UK:


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