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5 Tips On How To Get Your Music Posted On Magnetic Magazine

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5 Tips On How To Get Your Music Posted On Magnetic Magazine

It isn’t easy. Not because we’re dicks (well kinda). We just get way too much music everyday to post on it all. You might be thinking that 99% of it is awful. That’s where you’re wrong bro.

Digital production equipment and ease of transmission have definitely leveled the playing field. The majority of submissions we receive are actually post worthy. So how do you grab our attention? Here are five tips that will help you land a coveted post on Magnetic Magazine.

1. Read Magnetic

Go back a few weeks and get a good feel of our content to make sure your music is in line with our current editorial. We cover EDM- electronic dance music- meaning house, techno, dubstep, electro, trap, drum & bass, nu-disco, indie dance and all their subcategories. I’m sure your alt-rock band from Philly is really good, but we are not going to post on it. Sorry.

2. Build up your social networks

How do you do that? Engage your fans. It takes time, but be patient – if your music is good you’ll get there. We’re not saying go buy Facebook likes and Twitter followers. A hundred core fans are way better than 100,000 bots any day.

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3. Interact with us

Don’t just spam every one of our contact inboxes 50 times a day. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. Re-tweet, ask us questions, comment on our posts. We are reading everything, so the more you are paying attention to us, we’ll start paying attention to you.

4. What Your Email Should Say

When you reach out to us via email, keep it short and sweet. Give us just the relevant info: artist name, genre, influences, 1-2 line bio, photo and SoundCloud link. Also include a quick blurb on specifically why you like us- mention a post!

5. What Do We Like To Post?

We like exclusive premiers; our readers like free downloads. If you want us to post up your new track just so we can link to your Beatport page, it’s probably not going to happen.


If all that doesn’t work, either your music really sucks or it’s time to hire a publicist. We mean a real one (not a buddy who works for beer and smokes). Publicists, if you can’t get your artists a post on Magnetic, please see the list above.

It may take some time, but if you are dedicated to your music and believe in your success it will happen. Sure, people can get lucky breaks, but for the most part all of the artists you see main stage at festivals have worked hard to get there. A post on Magnetic is certainly a step in the right direction.

One last piece of advice- DON’T send us n00dz! We’re not into that. Unless you’re Nervo.

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